• Launchpad TV

    Max 6x project using jit.matrix & jit.cellblock to animate a Novation Launchpad S display.

  • The aim of this project was to produce a video that represented the origin of the samples used in the Scattered Voices: Part II recordings, as well as having a link to the content of the actual recordings themselves. Part two brought us to a scrapyard near Liverpool to record sound and video for the project.

  • Sound Chopper 2 V2.0

    Sound chopper 2 is a stand alone application built in Max/MSP.

    Sound Chopper 2 features a granulator, stretcher, pitch shifter, slicer and tremolo, panner, bit crusher, 8 different delays (mono and stereo) and 8 filters.

  • TED

    YOUR BEST MOD FRIEND TED is a Max For Live highly editable LFO that may act also as a function generator. With TED's signal, you can modulate any parameter in Ableton Live: from other devices's parameter, to Live's UI, to any third party plug-in. TED is very easy to use: just click the "select" toggle, then click the parameter in your Ableton Live set to apply its modulation signal. It is composed of three main areas: the main oscillator, with 6 morphable waveforms (SINE <-> TRIANGLE <-> SAWTOOTH <-> PULSE 50%/50% <-> PULSE 90%/10% <-> RANDOM ), a sample and hold circuit with adjustable amount, and an effect section. The effect section contains a wave-folding effect that may act as wave-folder, wave-wrapper or wave-clipper, a smoothing effect and a scalable output, where you can select the minimum and the maximum range of modulation. TED is not only an LFO: it can be used as an arbitrary function generator too: this means that you can define how many envelopes you need, then trig them, for both the sample and hold and the main oscillator. TED is also CV/GATE compatible, to use with your CV/GATE compatible hardware, as a modular system.

  • Emergence

    This software was built in Max.

  • the VLOOPER

  • The Sensory Interactive Garden

    The sensory interactive garden is a technological retreat, which premiered at Calgary's Beakerhead, a smash-up of art, science and engineering. Over 2400 LEDs , more than 3000 feet of plastic rod and 36 Phidgets allow light and sound to respond to visitors' interactions.

  • ju.scenesName 1.1

  • Fine Cut Bodies – La Petite Mort

    The “La Petite Mort” audio-visual liveAct is based on Fine Cut Bodies' music, but this time we’ve focused on how we can connect musical events to it’s visual representation.

  • The dfscore system is a dynamic score display system built to function over a local network to display a variety of musical material.

  • Max For Live MiniRude v1.1 Synth

  • Compositor Max For Live

    Unlike many random generators, Compositor Max For Live gives predictable results with algorithmic approach.

  • Trago Acid Mills Music Video

    Jitter was used to create a dancing ball animation inspired by the works of Oskar Fischinger.

  • Sound Chopper 2

    Sound chopper 2 is the evolution of the previous sound chopper, it allows to use pre recorded sounds (and real time sound through a microphone) and manipulate it with his numerous effects. Sound Chopper 2 features a granulator, stretcher, pitch shifter, slicer and tremolo, panner, bit crusher, 8 different delays (mono and stereo) and 8 filters.

  • Max4Live see-d GrainSynth [bugfix release!]

  • Push Pong

    First in a series of game inspired sequencers built for Push, grab the first release for FREE Push Pong is a generative sequencer built in Max for Live inspired by Batuhan Bozkurt's excellent Otomata Generative Musical Sequencer.

  • granary – a hybrid granulation engine

    This granulator is influenced artistically and technically by externals such as grainstretch and sugarsynth, and by several contributions from the C74 community, but pursues a few unique goals of its own: 1 - vanilla Max objects 2 - de-correlated grain pitch and grain size 3 - a synthesis of granular playback and grain cloud methods/textures 4 - an absolute minimum of AM artefacts and warbling (which are still easily achievable if desired) Granary will allow unlimited pitch and speed variation without undermining the integrity of the source audio too much, and also provides for granular re-synthesis textures via interonset and panning controls.

  • Sunset32

    Sunset 32 is a controllable MIDI User Interface powered by MaxMSP.

  • THE MAX MAESTRO is an animated notation system for choir/ crowd of people, which was developed within the artistic research project VOICES OF UMEÅ by Anders Lind, composer, CD at the Department of Creative studies/ Umeå university/ Sweden.


    RGB.VGA.VOLT is an audio/video synthesizer that enables realtime exploration of the rich materiality concealed beneath the consumer interfaces of cathode ray tube computer monitors.

  • Max-XNU

  • IUCN Red List Data Sonification

  • Tonalism presented by dublab

    dublab's all-night ambient happening at Sonos Studio... -- Live performances -- Jon Hassell (performing his 1969 piece Solid State) Sun Araw M.

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