• nanoKONTROL2

    Simple patch for nanoKONTROL2 by Korg.

  • I acquired a broken DanTyBa a few years ago, and recently converted it into an electronic instrument.

  • Ensemble Topogràfic

    ‘Llac’ (Lake) is the last performance work premiered last month from Ensemble Topogràfic, a Barcelona settled collective integrating and intertwining technology and art through movement and sound.

  • microKORG Editor

    Fully-featured microKORG realtime editor.

  • Proteios

    «Proteios» represents an artistic vision of protein synthesis and interaction in cells.

  • hedrot: open-source head tracker

    Hedrot (for "head rotation tracker") is a low-cost (less than 40 euros) and efficient open-source hardware/software solution for head tracking.

  • Gamepad-controlled live-electronics

    Live-electronic transformation of audio material in an improvised context requires very fast access to the given effects.

  • Famous Deaths

    Famous Deaths recreates the final moments in the lives of famous people through sound and scents.

  • Making traces

    Making traces is a kinetic audio-visual installation by Matteo Castiglioni that investigates the possible relationships between sign and sound, trying to bring as much as possible to the time of the composition to that of the execution, creating a score in continuous creation, execution and variation.

  • GranuRise

    Granurise is a real-time Looper, Sampler and Granular synth which integrates with the outside world trough Ipad Mira, Midi–MPE and OSC.

  • Cembalo Scrivano .1

    The Cembalo Scrivano .1 (CS1) is an augmented typewriter.


    The piece Scanners copes with the physical qualities of instrumentalists in electro-acoustic music.

  • Interactive Floor

    Using Max to do Cv tracking with Kinect to send OSC data to Notch a real-time graphics engine.

  • Gen integration with Eurorack

    first in depth tutorial on how to set up your environment at

  • MindDraw

    MindDraw by China Blue is a pioneering real-time interactive viewer participation work that enables people to create beautiful brain based images.


    ZEPHIR is an additive and subtractive digital synthesizer with four oscillators, two LFO and one FM.

  • LAS

    brainoff: LAS is a music program developed with max/msp/jitter for live performances. All sounds coming from the outside world in real time are recycled and modified into the frequency domain; all the spectral information is retrieved in order to freely shape the sound and then refreshed in order to get a pitch/beat detection for triggering an analog synth.

  • grainfields – 8 voice granular synthesizer for monome

    grainfields turns your monome 128 grid into a granular synthesizer with 8 voices - each with up to 10 constant streaming grains.

  • Signal Culture | V-Mass

    V-Mass allows you to map video to either a series of geometric primitives or bring in your custom 3D models in the OBJ format.

  • Signal Culture | Re:Trace

    Re:Trace allows you to redraw live or prerecorded video into an OpenGL context.


    Inspired by structuralists methods, brutalist architecture and minimalist visual forms, struct is a live improvisation with eurorack modular system as the only source of triggering and sound.


    sig.term is the new audiovisual live performance project by Julien Bayle, based on data transmissions, interferences and physics of sound

  • Audition

    Audition is a flexible sample preview tool built in Max.

  • mike.aha

    mike.aha is an aleatoric human aggregator built with Max. ​ mike is designed to ingest large quantities of public domain source media (sound, music, speech, image, video and text) and recombine it aleatorically based on a few simple parameters: intensity, density, repetition, focus, and space.

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