• Object

    OBJECT interactive kinetic sculpture Martina Menegon, Stefano D’Alessio 2012 - 13 Object is an interactive, kinetic, sound sculpture. It is a digital/analog hybrid system, able to react to the environment and to the changes that take place within itself.

  • >7,000,000,000

    >7,000,000,000 interactive installation Martina Menegon, Stefano D’Alessio 2013 Every 400 milliseconds a new human being born, at the same rate a new projected “human” appears in the space, filling it dramatically fast.

  • A strange letter sent in 1943 by a certain Prof.

  • MiniPlayer

  • Scattered Voices: Part 1

    duck-rabbit is an improvising trio exploring the use of acoustic and electronic instruments.

  • Blofeld Edit


    VOICES OF UMEÅ: SINGING INSTRUMENTS! is an exhibition with a bunch of interactive instruments built from everyday objects, with the purpose of exploring experimental music composition through a playful and inspiring process.

  • The Synekine Project

    Innovation, Scientific and Performative Researches The Synekine Project brings together performance and scientific research to create new ways to express ourselves.

  • Spiralab Two

    Spiralab 2 is fully multiphonic, multitimbral FM 3-D AV Synthesizer with 16 step sequencers.

  • LutoScratch

    Aleatoric interactive installation, created by Pawel Janicki in WRO Art Centre in 2013, is a new work by the artist regularly exploring the relations between visual arts and sound.

  • MAES – Manual Actions Expressive System/Ruraq Maki

    Manual Actions Expressive System (MAES) aims to enable music creation and performance using natural hand actions (e.g.

  • signal.interrupt

      Daily traversed by more or less interpretable signals using equipment more or less sophisticated as our cell phones or our radios, we can only get the meaning of a very small part of them, finally. These digital or analog signals carrying information are transcoded and transported by electromagnetic waves traveling in our world meshed by antenna systems, networks splitters, filters and other as invisible as necessary equipment in our lives often reduced to propagation of messages. signal.interrupt is a generative sound and visual installation that visits the various forms of modulation and signal creation itself from pseudo-random generators that displays programmed shapes and generates continuously sound and visuals, exploring the modulation frequency of amplitude, tone generation by random wave table, among other processes. signal.interrupt is based on an algorithm that generates digital bits ​​0 or 1, which are stored in real-time in temporary memory and read as if they were full-fledged sound signals.

  • ODDular

  • Old Fashioned Room at Zeeuws Museum

    The Old Fashioned Room is a modern reconstruction of the style room which was exhibited in the late 60s at the Zeeuws Museum.

  • Compositor Lite

    Compositor Lite may be thought purely as a delay network made in its entirety in Gen.

  • Elemes vs Cisco Kid

  • Vervogelaar at Cinekid

    What is it like to be a bird? The ‘Vervogelaar’ installation let you experience what it is, when your voice is recorded it will be transformed into a beautiful birdsong of your favorite bird.

  • AERO

    AERO is a standalone Mac app, that uses airport flight time data to generate a musical score. The app downloads real-time flight data from four airports – Los Angeles (LAX), New York (JFK), Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) and Washington DC/Dulles (IAD) - and uses the data to generate a simple minimal musical score that is always-changing as the flight data is updated.

  • Image Synthesizer

    The Image Synthesizer  is a good toy if you are  too tired to mix a new sound with the regular devices.

  • Bracken Tongues Wept

    This work by composer/performer Matthew Goodheart for piano and autonomous viola and metal percussion was commissioned for the 2014 Arts Birthday Celebration in Prague, Czech Republic.

  • Max-controlled robotic carillon

    The Ealing Feeder is a Max controlled 28-note polyphonic, robotic carillon (automatic bell-playing rig).

  • Max application for Guido D’Arezzo-style algorithmic composition. Guido of Arezzo was a music theorist of the Medieval era.

  • Reanimating WWII submarine HMS Alliance

    Max is behind this ever-changing 50 channel sound installation which reanimates the last surviving WWII era submarine with sound. Based in Gosport, UK, HMS Alliance is a thing of wonder: the last surviving WWII submarine.

  • You are here… somewhere else

    Playful and poetic installation, You are Here… Somewhere Else is a monumental device urban interactive maps, a journey that begins under your feet, in your neighborhood, and takes you into the stars. Come to the game of video projected lights, symbols, details and videos where space moves in a fun and interactive human mapping.

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