• Psych Dome

    'Psych Dome' was a visual music arts installation which was presented at William Aston Hall, Glyndwr University, 16th October 2013.

  • Crescendo

    <Crescendo is a multi-oscillator synth with a filtered white noise generator built specifically for the creation of Riser / Uplifter effects.

  • M4L Morph Filter

    An audio filtering effect for Ableton Live built in Max for Live.

  • The Cave of Sounds

    The Cave of Sounds is an interactive sound installation exploring the power of music to bind individuals together and the manner in which we apply technology to broadcast our identity. It is formed of eight original electronic instruments, each designed and created over a period of ten months by a member of London’s Music Hackspace as a personal and interactive embodiment of the ideas and mind of its creator.

  • This City’s Centre

    This City’s Centre is a digital performance that introduces new ways of creating and experiencing new media performances.

  • 1000 Mirrors

    1000 MIrrors is an application that allows you to create beautiful visuals from static pictures. It's mostly created for VJs or those musicians who want to have a better impact on the audience through the beauty of sound and visual.

  • Acoustbl

    Acoustbl is a Mac OSX app that lets you make music and transform your own live sound. Compatible with iPhone (C74) and iPad (MIRA) A project by Carlos D.

  • Spiro 3D

  • Baloica

    Baloica, created by Elas Duas, is a temporary sound installation set at the old Convento das Dominicas in the city of Guimarães.

  • Spurt of Blood – Interactive Kinect Ballet

    Spurt of Blood is an interactive dance piece that utilises music, film and interactive technology to create an immersive live performance.

  • Opposite

  • Nicht Weit von Hier (Not Far From Here)

    A multimedia project exploring Weimar’s dichotomy between rich cultural heritage (Cranach, Bach, Goethe, Schiller, Liszt among others) and dark wartime past (its close proximity to Buchenwald, one of Nazi Germany’s most notorious concentration camps, continues to be a point of discussion).

  • Waldorf Pulse 2 Editor

  • Note Displacer M4L Device

    Note Displacer is a Max for Live MIDI device that randomly displaces incoming MIDI notes by a predetermined interval, potentially making boring melodies and chords sound much more sophisticated than they really are.

  • Three Shapes

    This is a simple, yet very versatile, video system using basic GL objects.

  • Max for Live Ultimate Zen Guide

    I'm often teaching Max6 & Max for Live frameworks and I decided to challenge myself and to write a short guide about Max for Live both in french and english. I had that idea during one of my latest course with a person and I made it! This is a self-published book usin platform.

  • Sound Chopper

    Sound chopper is a stand alone application that allows you to manipulate pre-recorded sound through is different sound effects such us pitch shifter, reverb and delay, looper etc...

  • Knock Knock

    Everyone is always busy.

  • UNV4 ||||||| TEKTONE

    TEKTONE ======= Interactive Audio-Visual instalation. 20sq.m of LED panels.

  • The Holoverse

    A max patch which uses video (or static images) to spatialise audio in 3 dimensions and affect parameters of granular synthesis, filters and volume.

  • Kinect sensor running through Max/MSP/Jitter.

  • Arvum4L Granular Synthesizer

    This is my first Max for Live project which I started developing in July 2013.

  • deceased unfinished projects

    There are lots of (maxmsp) projects on our harddisks who are not finished yet and probably never will. Here is a place where they might get a second life... You’re free to use the projects but only if you mention our names and this site. The latest post was about 3 years ago .

  • postrush music video

    This video was made using a jitter patch that triggered the launching of platonic solids into a virtual space in response to MIDI messages.

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