• Gen_Arp

    An real-time interactive-generative arpeggiator for happy accidents in composition and performance. The user inputs two notes from a keyboard.

  • Cartography – Interactive Map

    Cartography is an interactive sound and visual composition based on the map of a former mining village in the South Wales Valleys, Treherbert. Inspired by its cultural heritage and the effects of industry on its natural landscapes; Cartography invites an audience to explore Treherbert on an interactive map surface. By placing a tracking object on parts of the map, the table responds with music and visuals relating to that specific location.

  • Body Sound Suit

    The Body Sound Suit is a bio-gesture capture and trigger system; it is inspired by the arduino drum project.

  • Adaptive, programmable metronome for training speed and precision. Struggling to play along your favorite licks and solos? Speed Upp will guide you during scale exercises and chromatic drills by listening and adapting to your skills or by following tempo according to on-screen graph.

  • Anklepants aka Reecard Farché

  • Wikipedia defines a sequencer as device or application software that can record, edit, or play back music, by handling note and performance information in several forms, typically MIDI or CV/Gate, and possibly audio and automation data for DAWs and plug-ins. UZZ is a Max For Live device inspired in the step sequencer created by Len Sasso for Logic Audio environment. Uss has always been a base for my creations.

  • Beyond The Zero Point

    A sphere fountain filled with UV reactive liquid is placed in the middle of a darkened room.

  • BeatLines – step sequencer

    BeatLines is a sample based step sequencer with a nice and easy interface which constists of eight independent beat lines.

  • Mozart’s Dice Game

    This standalone is the first big Max patch I wrote to investigate all sorts of things.

  • _derivations

    _derivations is an interactive performance system designed for use in improvisatory musical performance.

  • What? Zeph.yr is an interactive dance performance which gives the audience an immersive all encompassing, transportive sensory experience. Why? To create something that hasn’t existed or been experienced before, to instil in the audience a sense of wonder. Tree Rebecca’s singing is reflected in the growth or bloom of the branches and leafs.

  • Constant Crisis

    Constant Crisis is a collaboration between video artist/ programmer Alex Nathanson and violinist/ composer Dylan Neely. The project explores the idea of constantly reoccurring crises.

  • MIRAnome64 is the basic monome64 for MIRA iPad application. Basically, it is a proof of concept but a fully fonctional monome64 protocol implementation in Max6 / MIRA for your iPad. Small story MIRA is a very interesting and new Max6 integration of a framework providing ability to instantly with zero configuration mirroring your patch into iPAD. A lot of systems already exist for controlling Max6, and other softwares using iPad but each one requires even a bit of configuration or even hardcore one and this particular point can be frightening for non-programmer users. MIRA's zero configuration provides a way in which the whole configuration is stored on the computer side and those who read my interview and this ebook knows I totally agree with this way as the modern and futuristic one. You can find some very early Max for Live implementation of MIRA here monome is one of the most minimalistic, beautiful & smart way of interface I really like. Brian Crabtree + Kelli Cain designed very minimal hardware with a button matrix + a led matrix. No coupling between button & led is made inside the box, you can couple this on the computer side.

  • Fuck Interpolation

    Computer generated and ink printed pictures are based on simple maxmsp jit.wake object error.

  • This is a patch I created to deal with a survey we did at our company.

  • I developed this project together with Swedish-Canadian choreographer Mireille Leblanc as our latest production under the name The 7th Sense.

  • M4L Analyzer for MIRA / iPad


    ICARE IN SITU is an adaptation of the myth of Icarus from Ovid's Metamorphoses. It's a multimedia sculptural transcription of this myth, by Thomas Sillard. The Icarus story as an allegory of the various struggles that we must take to survive.

  • XLFO

    This free/pay-what-you-want device is an extension of the LFO device that comes with Live.

  • Dehumaniser

    Dehumaniser is a prototype application that transforms voice into monster sounds in real time.

  • Harmonic Runner

    The Harmonic Runner is a Max for Live spectral device.

  • rock*picSynth: turn photos to sound

    rock*picSynth is a Max for Live device that lets you build synths out of images.

  • "The model kit" is an interactive spatial audio performance. The performers with musical instruments are placed in different places of the big space.

  • CrossClock 1.0

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