• XLFO

    This free/pay-what-you-want device is an extension of the LFO device that comes with Live.

  • Dehumaniser

    Dehumaniser is a prototype application that transforms voice into monster sounds in real time.

  • Harmonic Runner

    The Harmonic Runner is a Max for Live spectral device.

  • rock*picSynth: turn photos to sound

    rock*picSynth is a Max for Live device that lets you build synths out of images.

  • "The model kit" is an interactive spatial audio performance. The performers with musical instruments are placed in different places of the big space.

  • CrossClock 1.0

  • Reflection

    Reflection is a performance-installation hybrid work, created entirely with Max. Audience members enter a room, sit, stare, converse, sleep, stretch, laugh, fart, whatever they feel, in the presence of a digital puppet.


    A rework of a Max for Live TB303 with added phasor and an extra waveform.

  • SubtleSonic Super6 Detune

    Super6 is a detune plugin based on a reverse-engineering of the Roland JP-8000 SuperSaw oscillator.

  • Integration.04

    A realtime sculpture in spatial light and sound. Integration.04 is a live performance by Dieter Vandoren.

  • The 77_GS started as a pet project, turned into a solution to a particular task, and then became a performance instrument. The instrument is based on granular synthesis, which is a technique that can be explored and utilized in many different ways, yielding a great many different results.

  • MFL in a drumkit

  • S-Billy 102 Additive Synth

    My personal additive synth totally built using max.

  • Saxelectro Project Live MOVING HEADS Andreas Mourtzoukos (saxelectro) L.P.M.

  • bouncer

  • Streakline #1

    Streakline #1 is the second part of Tryptic, a set of three Audio Visual live projects by Franz Rosati started in 2011 with Pathline #1.

  • REF

    The Rad Envelope Follower REF is a Max For Live envelope follower with advanced features.

  • theremin

  • Bow_o_Rama

      Bow_o_Rama born from the desire to create a simple application of intuitive music, a small sound object that can stimulate the desire of the listener to discover acoustic particles; the audience is not a mere spectator, but an active part of the creative process. The choice of my instrument, the viola da gamba, an emblem of the Baroque period and the instrument on which I decided to start a journey in searching new sounds and languages, is also related to the specific desire to give an acoustic sound texture to the audio. Each sample presented in Bow_o_Rama is uncompressed, aiff to 44.100/24 bit, in order to ensure to the listener an audio CD quality, in contrast to the compression of common downloadable digital formats. The application certainly is not perfect, I’m not a programmer but a musician, it's the first app that I did using MAX 6 and is a first step towards the desire to offer a new way to enjoy music and contemporary art.

  • T-billy 101 (TB 303 emulation)

    My personal emulation of the famous Roland  tb 303 totally built using MAX. I added some simple effects like reverb (using the tool nw.gverb~), tape delay and a bit crusher for a chance to work more on the waveforms and to make the best performance.

  • Gridlock 0.3.53

    This project provides an abstraction for the Launchpad for use inside M4L or Max.

  • M4L Tide Synthesizer

    M4L Tide is a 8 voice synthesizer with some special features.

  • Commissioned by Jeffrey Edelstein in honor of the 88th birthday of Princeton professor emeritus of philosophy George Pitcher, A Free Invention for George Pitcher is a piece of generative software created in Max/MSP that interweaves recordings of composer & musicologist Edward T.

  • Nagi #1

    Renew "nagi project" Released in Mac Appstore “Nagi – a peaceful calm” is a sound game software created by the game music composer Takayuki Nakamura in the hope of helping as many people of  feeling the fear and anxiety as possible to recover some tranquility. There are sweet, noisy, likable or annoying enviromental sounds surrounding us.

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