• aqueous run

  • asatha

    This is an ongoing project in exploring possibilities in using the magic trackpad in live performance environments. The trackpad is a wondrous device, which can simultaneously track up to 11 (!) fingers and gives detailed data for each one, such as position, velocity, finger elliptoid axes, angle etc.


    WHITEBOX Pixiphone, an ambient instrument that models a child's toy then enlarges it with spectral delay, reverb, brightness, hit strength, attack and decay.

  • 1Ghz Analyzer

  • Shaper

    THE SMART AUDIO DESTROYER Shaper is a Max For Live audio effect for audio destruction. Using on first two different algorithms for wave-shaping, audio signals can then be processed with a really intuitive glitch-gate.

  • Sherman’s travel

    Recently I've recorded a dirty sampleset driving through my Sherman Filterbank, some M4L devices and more effects and thought to feed my noiseFlow based particle system in Max/MSP with them...

  • iminlovewithanothergirl explores the use of a condenser microphone as percussive beater, friction actuator, feedback tuner, as well as a dynamically moveable microphone.

  • This work attempts to question the audience about the subject of mental manipulation, specifically as it relates to social networking.

  • moovmi

    VIDEO-BASED NOTES GENERATOR moovmi is a free Max For Live MIDI effect that produces midinote sequences from video data analysis.

  • silicat

  • KontrolKontroller

    KontrolKontroller is a Max patch that gives the ability to use a Korg NanoKontrol version_1 quickly inside Max.

  • sjseq

    sjseq creates algorithmic variations on basic drum patterns.

  • Spiralab

    Spiralab draws real-time sound in 3D, for which it contains its own custom sound generators.

  • Gboids

    This patch uses an implementation of Craig Reynolds' "boids" algorithm (available in Max Javascript Examples) to drive a granular synthesizer, where each agent represents a grain, scrubbing an audio sample as it moves in a two-dimensional space.

  • PROJECT 1111

    PROJECT 1111 is both an audio/visual piece and a live performance containing 4 sub-pieces (0001, 0010, 0100 and 1000) Project 1111 is an exploration of randomness through sounds & visuals. Each source of sounds and visuals generated is based on chance.

  • Jitnet+Syphon

    hey all, I made a couple of standalone apps utilizing and used in conjunction with and

  • KeyStrokeTrigger Tool

  • Graph Arpeggiator 3

    I developed very innovative sound tool named “Graph Arpeggiator 3”. It is an unprecedented tool.

  • Mixtur

  • Clicker!

    The Problem:  Creating interesting audible "movement" for motion graphics video presentations.

  • New Delhi Audiograph

    New Delhi Audiograph An interactive, audiovisual installation by Paweł Janicki, the work treats some elements of the Hindi language as a structural foundation of a musical composition.

  • mpEchoChord

    mpEchoChord is a tool designed to facilitate the creation and interpretation of harmonies.

  • mpMouseician

    mpMouseician handles midi notes and velocity values remote controlled by mouse movement.

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