• Polar Pattern Creator

    A demonstration of how a virtual directional pattern can be created and controlled by the combination of 2 different mics...Or, how to roll-your-own polar patterns.

  • An installation commissioned by the Dutch AV company Tree-On for the launch of a new Peugeot car in The Netherlands. The installation uses Kinect depth data to reveal parts of the dashboard of the Peugeot 208 in stereoscopic 3D.

  • The Chocolate Grinder

  • General MIDI Player

    General MIDI Player provides an easy way to use General MIDI instruments on your Mac, and allows you to play these instruments using either your mouse, computer keyboard, or MIDI device (both hardware and software MIDI devices supported).

  • dervish-meditation 2012

    A three minute 720p preview of a ten years and counting work-in-progress.

  • Interactive Biosynthetic Organism

    I.B.O - Focuses on interactive virtual objects - with the goal of creating virtual materiality.  People interact with virtual objects that appear to have  material form. The virtual objects navigate through a prerecorded video of the architectural space  where the I.B.O installation is located.

  • Springs Period – Petal Ignited

    "Petal Ignited" is the first release by Springs Period.

  • Audio Plugin Player

    Audio Plugin Player is a lightweight VST and AU instrument plugin host, that allows you to play these instruments using either your mouse, computer keyboard, or MIDI device (both hardware and software MIDI devices supported).

  • Noiseplug 1.8

  • This is a model of Vassar College's Electrocomp EML-200 that I built for my students.

  • Sequencomat

    Sequencomat (V1-V3) is a series of stepsequencers I made in Max for the Lemur. I started in 2009 to create stepsequencer.

  • The Party Van

    The Party Van is an 'all-in-one' performance patch built primarily around live sampling and improvisation. It is built to be controlled by a Monome64, but everything functions with or without a Monome.   Features: 2 sample/loopers with overdub, halfspeed, and reverse functionality.


    STILLHETEN is a software for electroacoustic live improvisation entirely developed using Max/MSP. The main idea behind the project is based on the concept of working with a set of “n” linearly independent vectors in a space and generate orthogonal frames used to trigger different parameters in the audio synthesis and processing.

  • Video Clip Synthesizer

    Hey Cycling74 mates. I made this very simple but very fun video clip synthesizer.

  • Sub-Lime Subsynth

  • The MatriX for Ableton Live

    This is a real-time sequencer machine for Ableton Live / Max for Live. IT is really dedicated to the design of unique sequences for idm, braindance music & polyrhythmic.

  • ErR

    ErR is a software sampling drum machine with a few twists.

  • AudioCubes

    The AudioCubes are smart light emitting blocks that are able to detect each other's position, location, and distance.

  • MIDI Merlin

    The next iteration of MIDI Merlin, version 2.0, is currently in beta testing phase.

  • still life

    Still Life is the debut album by intermedia artist Tohm Judson. In this album, I wanted to explore the subtlety of small changes, simple gestures, and still motion.

  • Terpsichore for Kansas City

    This public art installation transforms the parking garage of the new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts (Kansas City, MO) into an instrument of light and sound, a complementary venue to the performances at the Center.

  • Algorithmic Music Generator: Beep Bleep ZOMG!

    Techniques used in Max/MSP in Creating: Beep Bleep ZOMG!   When I decided to use Max/MSP to compose my piece: Into the Metaverse on some cosmological Bubble, I was very daunted at what I should do.

  • DRØN

    (English translation coming soon...) Es ist ein mecha-tronisches Instrument,  Sound Prozessor, Effektgerät, Werkzeug, Skulptur und Organismus. Drøn macht aus Dingen ein Musikinstrument, die vorher keines waren. Der Gegenstand wird an einen Kontaktlautsprecher und ein Kontaktmikrofon angeschlossen.

  • Scratchy – Noise & Rhythm Generator

    Scratchy is a standalone instrument for Mac and PC that produces noise.

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