• LCM Twitter Machine

    The 'LCM Twitter Machine' is an interactive system which produces music based on collective input from a live audience.

  • DNA – Dynamic Note Arranger

    DNA is a generative Max for Live midi device which stores note data over 16 steps.

  • Drunk Piano & Friends

    Let Max drunkenly play the piano and invite some of his friends too! His friends know how to play (barely) the recorder, bass guitar, piano, and a beer bottle.

  • Quadrivium

  • Mosaics

    A Max patch/tool for glitching two video streams simultaneously.

  • Clouds

    Clouds is a multi-platform real-time asynchronous granular synthesis created with Max.


    2020 is a next generation semi modular beat-machine standalone software for beat making and real-time compositions. It's built with Max 7. 80% of objects used in this software are external-objects written in C. I use Max as a Framework :) It features 12x oneshot-samplers, 2x FM synths, a sample-slicer, 3x sound loopers, 9x patchable effects, 3x send effects, and more. You can send each signals to 3x effect buses, 1x send bus, and 6x mix buses.

  • Bosco di Luce EXPO2015

  • Dedalus Delay: iOS App made with gen~

    Dedalus Delay is a real-time audio mangler.


    First version of “Into the Void”, a series of audiovisual installations exploring physical structures creating light and shadows with immersive audiovisual spaces. A array of triangles is placed on the floor, each one has a LED strip on the back which are connected to an Arduino.

  • Objet Sonores

    Abstract: This paper/project aims to gather both theoretical and practical knowledge of the aspects involved in the development of VR audio-visual experiences.

  • inner EP with visuals

    inner noises are loud, reverberating and dark.


    Released from FossaMagna, Tokyo, Japan Audio and Visual Performance set with Max 7 The space is an isolated structure where stays a state of continuity and periodicity. Although it makes contact with an external environment, its internal state often consciously formed from an anonymously isolated area.

  • Portrait drawing robot

    The robot can draw your face but does it make that an artist? Sit on the bench and put on the cord, so that you give the robot the start signal.

  • Chatbox Robot installation

    Please write a message, but who will answer you? Another visitor of the exhibition or our chatbox robot? Can you tell the difference? The installation consist of two chatbox stations placed in different exhibition spaces, the stations can communicate with each other or through a computer bot.

  • Spinrag festival Kortrijk Belgium

    For the Spinrag festival in Kortrijk Rnul created a video installation for children.

  • SASER SAS24P3L Max for Live

    Even in times of modern warfare, personal security is a subject of each personality.

  • Sinner – Max for Live additive roughness synthesiser

    This little additive synth project is aimed at incorporating rhythmic beating based on the same whole number ratios used to derive the overtone series used to create the timbre.

  • PYSY

    PYSY is a Audio and Visual performance set with Max. Converts physics engine controlled parameter to 3D visuals and synth generator in realtime. For generating complex behavior of sounds by physical simulated movements.

  • This installation acted as a photo-booth that turned people into a mosaic of emojis in real-time, and allowed them to capture images to be emailed to them; while at night, it was projected onto the building.

  • Metronomica

    In this project I've used piezoelectric sensors up on the instruments, audio to midi converters, envelope followers, OSC sender for cross platform controlling Resolume Arena and DMX lighting by Ableton Live, various audio effects for the processed saxophone sound.

  • The Music and Sound Design Platform

    Music_SDP is a Digital Audio Performance Environment; a system designed around the creation and manipulation of audio in a real-time, replacing the two-dimensional sequencer of the standard Digital Audio Workstation with a non-linear, performance-focused work environment.

  • KRK SoundShadows

    This installation refers to characteristic soundscapes of Krakow. By moving hands above a map of the city, visitors can experience various soundscapes of different parts of the city. It’s built using light sensors which react on the changing of the light while hovering the map with hands.

  • Sacred Geometry and Art

    We used Max to create shapes in water and sand plates as well as shaking objects to animate them. Interview about *LLND and Sacred Geometry in their latest performance titled Cosmic Resonance.

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