• KAI

  • marimba sidetracks

    marimba sidetracks for marimba and computer is the first piece of a series called sidetracks.

  • Morph

    Morph is a dual morphing bandpass filter, highly influenced by the classic Buchla 291. Almost every knob/button/selector could be automated from Live. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS • Mac or PC (doesn’t really matters), • Ableton Live 9.2.3 and Max / Max4Live 7 (always the latest versions) Our softwares are made on a very old MacBook Pro (from 2007 ;) ), running Mac OSX Mountain Lion 10.11.0, Ableton Live 9.2.3 and Max 7.0.6 There are no special externals, extra objects used in our devices, they should work on any up-to-date system, without problems. IMPORTANT! We are using high-res images/objects for our GUI.

  • Yohkoh

    Contemporary Music, Hörspiel

    • Title: Yohkoh
    • Type: Contemporary Music
    • Composer: Greg Beller
    • Duration: 8min 30s
    • World Premiere: "Boites noires" exhibition, Planétarium de Vaulx-en-Velin, France, 9th of December 2015
    • more info
    To listen to Yohkoh, find a quiet place, put your earphones, switch off the light, and let it go.

    Yohkoh means ray of sunshine in Japanese.

  • Jambatan

    Max was used for live electronic and realtime spatialisation.

  • Evolution (Suanggi)

  • Sous-ensemble

    Thierry Fournier Sous-ensemble installation (2015) Lille Renaissance festival, September 26, 2015 to January 17, 2016 In a space similar as a recording studio, the presence of the visitors makes appear, one by one, the sounds of the instruments of a symphony orchestra during its tuning – until a complete reconstitution when a group is present.

  • ChromaSonic Camera

  • In Futurum

    installation for piano parts and LEDs

    Anticipating John Cage’s more famous “silent” piece 4’33’’ by thirty years, Erwin Schulhoff’s (1894-1942) In Futurum for solo piano (1919) is nothing but rests in both hands, supplemented by question mark articulations, cryptic smiles made of slurs, and cheeky directions (“play the whole piece with expression and feeling freely, always, to the very end!“).

  • Video is from a performance by Rodrigo Constanzo using snare/percussion/objects, The Party Van, and DMX lights filmed by Angela Guyton at Bacon Jam Collective on 9 December 2015.

    In the performance The Party Van and the DMX lights are being controlled by a Max patch which moves through different interaction/behavior types (ranging from one-to-one onset=color mapping, to more complex interactions based on automatic recording/playback). In addition to the defined interaction/behavior types there is a body of prerecorded light patterns (flashes, blips, and heart rate throbs) that were recorded by Angela using a separate Max patch which selects a grid of pixels from a larger image and uses that as the pool of available colors in a kind of color granular synth.

  • Audio Influenced by Motion

  • Random Dots = Random Sounds

    It uses mostly random generators.

  • A permanent exhibition at Zaans museum.

  • Spektral

    Spektral is a dual 16 channel morphing bandpass spectral processor, highly influenced by the Buchla spectral processor units. Almost every knob/button/selector could be automated from Live. HOW IT WORKS? Spektral breaks down the incoming signal into 2 blocks of a 16 channel bandpass filters.

  • laser cyanotype (laser dye)

    inspired by Robert Henke's "Fragile Territory", I use max/msp to generate/mix audio waves for controlling the galvanometers inside the laser projectors and to generate the graphic by jitter and some simple kaleido and fractal effects. Inspired by the oldest photographic printing process "cyanotype", laser dye is an optical dyeing method that makes digital fabric printing process possible at home, by hacking the conventional laser projector (with galvanometers), it is turned into an optical fabric printer, hence the users are able to laser print single color graphic on fabric or 3d objects in massive sizes (150*150cm at this moment).

  • CDM (Convulse, Die, Mourn)

    Overwhelmed by pain, shock, or grief, these three actions demonstrate how we may lose control of our physical bodies, revealing just how fragile we are. Video documents performance at the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Denton, TX on Sept.

  • Pusaran dan Amukan (Vortex and Tantrum)

  • Mu-Sci Keyboard

  • WiiMote – Midi Controller

  • Drum Machine + Visuals

    metronome patch keeps time.

  • Super Robot War

  • Super-Looper

    The "Super-Looper" is a work in progress project.

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