• Source

    Source is a random voltage/API control source for the M4L platform. There are three sample and hold “circuits” with external or internal modulation possibilities. There are two versions, a CV version and a MIDI version. The output could be mapped to any parameter in Live. Almost every knob/button/selector could be automated from Live. SOURCE A The main trigger triggers all of the 3 sources.

  • Stepit.

    Probability objects set sequencer outputs.

  • Seer

  • Control

    Does the user control the system or does the system control the user? As the user of any technology we believe that we are in control and our actions depict and manipulate the machine to how we want it to perform.

  • WebernUhrWerk 3.0

    WebernUhrWerk (translated: Webern's Clockwork) was composed as an open-air sound installation for the 60th anniversary of Webern's death which took place on 15 September 2005 on the market place at Mittersill.

  • Zeitmaschine

    Zeitmaschine is an interactive video installation that projects the uncertainty of the future onto the past.

  • Plaster – Terminal


  • Yakuza

    Yakuza is a 16 step sequential voltage/message source for the M4L platform.

  • Hugginn


  • Music video for A Mural is Worth a Thousand Words by Heads., a noise-rock trio hailing from Australia and Germany, currently based in Berlin. A glitched-out expression of the song's aggression, the video is essentially a portrait which takes Heads.' lead vocalist Ed Fraser through a series of distorted transformations in an attempt to channel the music through the singer's on-screen image.


    Entropia is an audiovisual performance, involving a spherical led filled structure, generative visuels, and for the sound part, a multi channel live act (ambisonics order 4) in which the composer uses spatialization, movement and real time effects applied throughout the entire sound field.

  • divine the rest

  • Ici et ailleurs

    The core is a slitscan machine (thanks to Rob Ramirez for his help, in 2013...) I have been playing around with it since a couple of years and finally made it to the point of presenting it as an installation.

  • BeatLines 2

    BeatLines 2 is a sample based step sequencer. Redesigned GUI | New DSP beat engine | New features.

    • Dynamically created beat lines - Create up to 32 beat lines.
    • New mixer interface.

  • The International Transducer Orchestra

    The International Transducer Orchestra is a project initiated By Koka Nikoladze, Bernt Isak Wærstad and Amund Ulvestad.

  • Instructable Max 7 project

    Max 7 is the middle man between OSC (UDP) messages from an Arduino Uno and Ableton Live.

  • Album

  • Noise deformation of shapes

  • Painting Video layers with Wii Remote

    I created a patch that reads the Wii XYZ values, sent them over to Jit.LCD to draw with the values.

  • LEAPMOTION jam (work in progress)

    It's possible to create musical sequences just moving one hand? I tried with this "work in progress" project. This is an early stage of the patches but I tried to do a little demonstration. There are many musical ideas behind each patch, starting from Theremin-like reading of acoustic samples going through more "conductor" style response of several multilayered track. More infos and developments coming soon.

  • Virtual Composition

  • Rose Engine

    Rose Engine is a piece of software for non objective filmmaking.

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