Authors: Gloria Gorchs, David Morella, Marco Domenichetti

concept and production:
Gloria Gorchs
David Morella
Marco Domenichetti

…is a return trip into an illustrated album. A journey that begins when you dive into the pages of a book and and become a fictional character that the author has imagined.

…is a walk through a fantastic country/landscape that recreates the environment where the protagonists of the stories experience adventures. A mobile stage, changing, that invites you to let yourself go and read all the senses.

…is a crossroads where the author believes that the creation illustrator made at the time, the rereading of the creators of the installation and the look of each of the spectators present.

…is an installation that invites you to a new reading of some of the best albums published and illustrated in catalonia (ES). A comprehensive limitless reading, allowing you to know, moreover, the process of creating the book, other versions of the same story, play with literary precedents or invent new ones.

…is a game in two bands: The pace of reading the marks as you turn the page. The sound, images and voice run on us.
Software: Max/Msp/Jitter​inforecreat

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