Recomposer: recombine tracks into new mixes

Recomposer, a device built with Max for Live, allows the user to generate new pieces by algorithmically hybridizing and recombining tracks from existing pieces in Ableton Live. Melodies and rhythms are automatically reworked note-by-note to create coherent new mixes.

The Recomposer device creates a new mix (scene) composed of modified parts (clips) drawn from other mixes in the same Live set. Analysis and generation of note content occurs within an algorithmic music engine which collects note data from the Live set, and injects the new notes back into a new scene within the Live set.

A video can be viewed here:

Max for Live enables fine-grained logical control and traffic of music data between a Smalltalk (Pharo/Squeak) compute server and Ableton Live.

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