Video Kaleidoscope Showing & Dynamic MIDI Generating System

This semester I’m totally absorbed in this software, Max, after the recommendation of my teacher on the Multimedia Technology class. Then I download a trial and began to learn by myself .This patcher ,which I call it Video Kaleidoscope Showing & Dynamic MIDI Generating System(a bit too long,maybe = =),is my final work. It can load a video and mirrored it twice, then keep rotating it. With the rotate during the playing, the original video become strange but incredibly beautiful, like a kaleidoscope, especially showing in full screen.

I also change the video into the one only contain black and white, and display in 3 pwindows with a little difference, as Original Video Channel, Soprano Video Channel and Basso Video Channel. The ratio of white color in these 3 pwindows determine the pitch that generated in the MIDI Generator. So different video generate its own different music, although it sounds a bit  noisy…:-P

Here’s some picture it generate~very beautiful, right?  :-P

Feb 20 2013 | 3:04 pm

sorry that’s my first time here, can we DL the project or do we just discuss about it!

Apr 05 2013 | 11:09 pm

oh, that’s fine!…actually i’m a newbie of max too…here’s my gmail, just email me~~~or add me on Google+

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