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Data Types

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Data Structures

struct  t_rect
 Coordinates for specifying a rectangular region. More...
struct  t_pt
 Coordinates for specifying a point. More...
struct  t_size
 Coordinates for specifying the size of a region. More...



An Atombuf is an alternative to Binbufs for temporary storage of atoms.


You won’t need to know about the internal structure of a Binbuf, so you can use the void * type to refer to one.


Max maintains a symbol table of all strings to speed lookup for message passing.


typedef void *(* method )(void *,...)
 Function pointer type for generic methods.
typedef long(* longmethod )(void *,...)
 Function pointer type for methods returning a long.
typedef void *(* voidstarvoid )()
 Function pointer type for a function with no arguments, returning a generic pointer.
typedef char * t_ptr
 Generic pointer type.
typedef char ** t_handle
 Generic pointer-to-a-pointer type.
typedef void * t_vptr
 Void pointer type.
typedef void *(* zero_meth )(void *x)
 Function pointer type for methods with no arguments.
typedef void *(* one_meth )(void *x, void *z)
 Function pointer type for methods with a single argument.
typedef void *(* two_meth )(void *x, void *z, void *a)
 Function pointer type for methods with two arguments.
typedef long *(* gimmeback_meth )(void *x, t_symbol *s, long ac, t_atom *av, t_atom *rv)
 Function pointer type for methods that pass back a result value through the last parameter as a t_atom, and return an error.
typedef unsigned long ulong
 An unsigned long integer.
typedef unsigned int uint
 An unsigned integer.
typedef unsigned short ushort
 An unsigned short integer.
typedef unsigned char uchar
 An unsigned char.
typedef long t_max_err
 A Max error code.

Typedef Documentation

typedef long t_max_err

A Max error code.

Common error codes are defined in e_max_errorcodes.

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