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t_buffer Struct Reference

Data structure for the buffer~ object. More...

#include <buffer.h>

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Data Fields

t_object b_obj
 doesn't have any signals so it doesn't need to be pxobject
long b_valid
 flag is off during read replacement or editing operation
float * b_samples
 stored with interleaved channels if multi-channel
long b_frames
 number of sample frames (each one is sizeof(float) * b_nchans bytes)
long b_nchans
 number of channels
long b_size
 size of buffer in floats
float b_sr
 sampling rate of the buffer
float b_1oversr
 1 / sr
float b_msr
 sr * .001
float * b_memory
 pointer to where memory starts (initial padding for interp)
 name of the buffer
long b_susloopstart
 looping info (from AIFF file) in samples
long b_susloopend
 looping info (from AIFF file) in samples
long b_relloopstart
 looping info (from AIFF file) in samples
long b_relloopend
 looping info (from AIFF file) in samples
long b_format
 'AIFF' or 'Sd2f'
 last file read (not written) for readagain message
long b_oldnchans
 used for resizing window in case of # of channels change
long b_outputbytes
 number of bytes used for output sample (1-4)
long b_modtime
 last modified time ("dirty" method)
struct _buffer * b_peer
 objects that share this symbol (used as a link in the peers)
Boolean b_owner
 b_memory/b_samples "owned" by this object
long b_outputfmt
 sample type (A_LONG, A_FLOAT, etc.)
t_int32_atomic b_inuse
 objects that use buffer should ATOMIC_INCREMENT / ATOMIC_DECREMENT this in their perform
void * b_dspchain
 dspchain used for this instance

Detailed Description

Data structure for the buffer~ object.

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