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t_jit_attr_offset_array Struct Reference
[Attribute Module]

t_jit_attr_offset_array object struct. More...

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Data Fields

t_jit_object ob
 common object header
 attribute name
 attribute type (char, long, float32, float64, symbol, atom, or obj)
long flags
 flags for public/private get/set methods
method get
 override default get method
method set
 override default set method
void * filterget
 filterobject for get method
void * filterset
 filterobject for set method
void * reserved
 for future use
long offset
 byte offset to the attribute data
long size
 maximum size
long offsetcount
 byte offset to the attribute count

Detailed Description

t_jit_attr_offset_array object struct.

This struct should not be accessed directly, but is provided for reference. Attribute objects do not typically use attributes themselves to access members, but rather accessor methods--i.e. use jit_object_method in place of the jit_attr_* functions to access attribute state.

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