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t_jit_mop_io Struct Reference
[MOP Module]

t_jit_mop_io object struct. More...

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Data Fields

t_jit_object ob
 standard object header
void * special
 special data pointer for use by wrappers of various kinds (e.g. max wrapper)
 "ioname" attribute
 "matrixname" attribute
void * matrix
 internal matrix, accessed via methods (unused in class template MOP)
t_symboltypes [JIT_MATRIX_MAX_TYPES]
 "types" attribute
 "mindim" attribute
 "maxdim" attribute
long typescount
 relevant to "types" attribute
long mindimcount
 "mindimcount" attribute
long maxdimcount
 "maxdimcount" attribute
long minplanecount
 "minplanecount" attribute
long maxplanecount
 "maxplanecount" attribute
char typelink
 "typelink" attribute
char dimlink
 "dimlink" attribute
char planelink
 "planelink" attribute
method ioproc
 I/O procedure, accessed via methods.

Detailed Description

t_jit_mop_io object struct.

This struct should not be accessed directly, but is provided for reference when calling Jitter attribute functions.

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