t_jcolumn Struct Reference

A dataview column. More...

#include <jdataview.h>

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Data Fields

 column name (hash)
 parent dataview
int c_id
 id in DataViewComponent
long c_width
 column width in pixels
long c_maxwidth
 max column width
long c_minwidth
 min column width
char c_autosize
 determine width of text column automatically (true/false)
char c_alignment
 display of text, left, right, center
 name of font
long c_fontsize
 font size (points?)
 heading of column
char c_separator
 separator mode
char c_button
 column has a button (true/false)
 text in a button
 message sent to sort this column – if none, default sorting is used based on value c_numeric
char c_overridesort
 if true only the sortdata method is called, not the sort method (true/false)
 send this msg name to client to paint this column
 message sent when a component mode cell's value changes
 message sent when a component mode cell's value is about to start changing
 message sent when a component mode cell's value is finished changing
 message sent to determine what kind of component should be created for each cell in a column
 message to set a menu (for a readonly or custompaint column)
 message sent when an item is chosen from a custom menu
char c_editable
 can you edit the data in a cell in this column
char c_selectable
 can select the data in a cell in this column (possibly without being able to edit)
char c_multiselectable
 can you select more than one cell in this column
char c_sortable
 can you click on a column heading to sort the data
long c_initiallysorted
 if this is set to JCOLUMN_INITIALLYSORTED_FORWARDS the column is displayed with the sort triangle
long c_maxtextlen
 maximum text length: this is used to allocate a buffer to pass to gettext (but there is also a constant)
long c_sortdirection
 0 for ascending, 1 for descending
long c_component
 enum of components (check box etc.)
char c_canselect
 can select entire column
char c_cancut
 can cut/clear entire column
char c_cancopy
 can copy entire column
char c_cancutcells
 can cut a single cell (assumes "editable" or "selectable") (probably won't be implemented)
char c_cancopycells
 can copy a single cell
char c_canpastecells
 can paste into a single cell
char c_hideable
 can the column be hidden
char c_hidden
 is the column hidden (set/get)
char c_numeric
 is the data numeric (i.e., is getcellvalue implemented)
char c_draggable
 can drag the column to rearrange it
char c_casesensitive
 use case sensitive sorting (applies only to default text sorting)
char c_showinfo
 show info button for cell clue on mouse over
void * c_reference
 reference for the use of the client
double c_indentspacing
 amount of space (in pixels) for one indent level
 name of column before which this one should have been inserted (used only once)
 message to send requesting clue text for a cell
 message to get the cell's text color
 message to get the cell's style and alignment
 message for cell enter
 message for cell exit
 message for cell mouse move
 message for custom cell click action

Detailed Description

A dataview column.

Columns for a given dataview are stored in a t_hashtab and accessed by name.

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