t_jdataview Struct Reference

The dataview object. More...

#include <jdataview.h>

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Data Fields

 list of DataViewComponents showing this dataview
 object that will be sent messages to get data to display
 columns – point to t_jcolumn objects
 columns from column IDs
 current order of columns
void * d_rowmap_obsolete
 no longer used
long d_numcols
 number of columns
double d_rowheight
 fixed height of a row in pixels
char d_autoheight
 height determined by font
char d_hierarchical
 does it allow hierarchical disclosure (true / false) – not implemented yet
t_jrgba d_rowcolor1
 odd row color (striped)
t_jrgba d_rowcolor2
 even row color
t_jrgba d_selectcolor
 color when rows are selected
t_jrgba d_bordercolor
 border color
char d_bordercolorset
 was border color set? if not, use JUCE default
char d_canselectmultiple
 multiple rows are selectable
char d_cancopy
 copy enabled
char d_cancut
 cut / clear enabled
char d_canpaste
 paste enabled
char d_canrearrangerows
 rows can be dragged to rearrange – may not be implemented yet
char d_canrearrangecolumns
 columns can be dragged to rearrange
long d_viscount
 number of visible views of this dataview
long d_inset
 inset for table inside containing component in pixels
char d_autosizeright
 right side autosizes when top-level component changes
char d_autosizebottom
 bottom autosizes when top-level component changes
char d_dragenabled
 enabled for dragging (as in drag and drop)
 font name
double d_fontsize
 font size
 message to send requesting clue text for the column headers
char d_autosizerightcolumn
 right column should stretch to remaining width of the dataview, regardless of column width
char d_customselectcolor
 send getcellcolor message to draw selected cell, don't use select color
void * d_qelem
 defer updating
long d_top_inset
 vertical inset for row background (default 0)
long d_bottom_inset
 vertical inset for row background (default 0)
long d_borderthickness
 border line thickness default 0 for no border
char d_keyfocusable
 notify component to grab some keys
char d_enabledeletekey
 delete key will delete selected rows
char d_usegradient
 color rows with gradient between rowcolor1 (top) and rowcolor2 (bottom)
char d_inchange
 in change flag for inspector end-change protection system
char d_horizscrollvisible
 is horizontal scroll bar visible
char d_vertscrollvisible
 is vertical scroll bar visible
char d_scrollvisset
 has the scroll visibility ever been changed since the dv was created?
char d_overridefocus
 override default focus behavior where ListBox is focused when assigning focus to the dataview
char d_usesystemfont
 use system font (true by default)
 column we ask for celltext in order to navigate the selection via the keyboard
 column that is sent the return key when a given row is selected
void * d_navcache
 sorted list of column strings for key navigation
char d_usecharheight
 use font specified in points rather than pixels (default is pixels)
 list of sections
char d_paintcellseparator
 should paint a line below a cell (grayish)
 sort col saved when dv is invisible

Detailed Description

The dataview object.

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