Max 5 API Reference

Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
t_atomAn atom is a typed datum
t_atomarrayThe atomarray object
t_atombufThe atombuf struct provides a way to pass a collection of atoms
t_attrCommon attr struct
t_bufferData structure for the buffer~ object
t_celldescA dataview cell description
t_charset_converterThe charset_converter object
t_classThe data structure for a Max class
t_datetimeThe Systime data structure
t_dictionaryThe dictionary object
t_dictionary_entryA dictionary entry
t_exprStruct for an instance of expr
t_fileinfoInformation about a file
t_funbuffThe structure of a funbuff object
t_hashtabThe hashtab object
t_hashtab_entryA hashtab entry
t_indexmapAn indexmap object
t_indexmap_entryAn indexmap element
t_jboxThe t_jbox struct provides the header for a Max user-interface object
t_jboxdrawparamsThe t_jboxdrawparams structure
t_jcolumnA dataview column
t_jdataviewThe dataview object
t_jgraphics_font_extentsA structure for holding information related to how much space the rendering of a given font will use
t_jit_attrCommon attribute struct
t_jit_attr_filter_clipT_jit_attr_filter_clip object struct
t_jit_attr_filter_procT_jit_attr_filter_proc object struct
t_jit_attr_offsetT_jit_attr_offset object struct
t_jit_attr_offset_arrayT_jit_attr_offset_array object struct
t_jit_attributeT_jit_attribute object struct
t_jit_gl_drawinfoT_jit_gl_drawinfo struct used for tasks such as multi texture unit binding
t_jit_glchunkT_jit_glchunk is a public structure to store one gl-command's-worth of data, in a format which can be passed easily to glDrawRangeElements, and matrixoutput
t_jit_matrix_infoMatrix information struct
t_jit_mopT_jit_mop object struct
t_jit_mop_ioT_jit_mop_io object struct
t_jit_op_infoProvides base pointer and stride for vector operator functions
t_jmatrixAn affine transformation (such as scale, shear, etc)
t_jrgbA color composed of red, green, and blue components
t_jrgbaA color composed of red, green, blue, and alpha components
t_line_3dLine or line segment in 3D space (GLfloat)
t_linklistThe linklist object
t_llelemA linklist element
t_matrix_conv_infoMatrix conversion struct
t_messlistA list of symbols and their corresponding methods, complete with typechecking information
t_objectThe structure for the head of any object which wants to have inlets or outlets, or support attributes
t_pathThe path data structure
t_pathlinkThe pathlink data structure
t_pfftpubPublic FFT Patcher struct
t_privatesortrecUsed to pass data to a client sort function
t_ptCoordinates for specifying a point
t_pxjboxHeader for any ui signal processing object
t_pxobjectHeader for any non-ui signal processing object
t_quickmapThe quickmap object
t_rectCoordinates for specifying a rectangular region
t_signalThe signal data structure
t_sizeCoordinates for specifying the size of a region
t_stack_splatFor passing on the stack in method calls (no need for struct packing here, since flat array)
t_stringThe string object
t_symbolThe symbol
t_symobjectThe symobject data structure
t_tinyobjectThe tiny object structure sits at the head of any object to which you may pass messages (and which you may feed to freeobject())
t_wind_mouse_infoT_wind_mouse_info_struct provided by jit.window and jit.pwindow mouse events
t_zllA simple doubly-linked list used by the t_funbuff object
wordUnion for packing any of the datum defined in e_max_atomtypes

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