Max and ROLI Seaboard RISE

RISE Package

Working closely with ROLI, we at Cycling ’74 have released a huge content package focused on support for the Seaboard RISE as well as any other MIDI hardware that uses the MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) standard. It features a set of MPE-specific objects, a half-dozen BEAP modules and three performance patches that take advantage of the expressive touch features of the ROLI keyboard.

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Vocal Manipulation

Cantor Digitalis is a singing voice synthesizer developed in Max, designed to be controlled by gestures using a mouse or tablet. We’ve update Cantor Digitalis to support the Seaboard RISE and included it in the RISE package. Watch ROLI’s videos to see how Cantor Digitalis and the responsive RISE keyboard surface sing.

Effects Controller

The RISE package also includes something special for video effects control. The Particle Visualizer — as seen in the video above — uses the multidimensional control surface of the Seaboard RISE to manipulate movies or live camera feeds in realtime, producing unworldly effects that respond instantly to your touch.

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