Report a Problem: Form Submission

    Please tell us your OS, version of Max installed, as well as computer model and GPU (if relevant). If reporting a Max For Live bug, please include the version of Live installed. Max 6 users can get this information with the 'Support Information' button in Max's About Menu.

    This form may be used for Max and the other items listed. Your intellectual property is protected when submitted with this form.

    How do I include system info with this form?
    • From Max 6.1 (or later), select the 'About Max' window (Max menu on Mac, or Help menu on Windows).
    • Click the link in the About Max window which reads 'Copy support information to clipboard'.
    • Paste the results in the 'System and Max Version' field to the right on this form. It will look something like this:
    Get help from our online docs and FAQ.