Authorization: Cyclops

Follow the Max/MSP 4.6 (or older) instructions, if you haven’t yet authorized Max/MSP.

  1. On a Mac, hold down the “Control-Command” keys while starting up Max/MSP (not from the dock). On Windows, hold down “Shift-Control-C” keys while starting up Max/MSP. This will bring you to the authorization dialog box.
  2. Cyclops accepts Challenge/Response authorization only (no iLok), so copy the Challenge.
  3. Paste it into the Challenge/Response Authorization Form, fill out the rest of the form, and submit it.
  4. After processing your authorization, we will e-mail you a new string of short words called a Response.
  5. Launch Max/MSP again holding down the appropriate keys, click Authorize, and enter the Response in the dialog box below the Challenge string. Your software will then be permanently authorized on your hard disk.

Important note: Cyclops sales have been discontinued.

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