Authorization: Max 3.6 and MSP 1.7

Challenge/Response Authorization (OS 9)

  1. If you haven’t already done so, install Max 3.6.2 and/or MSP 1.7.2.
  2. Launch Max. If you are within your 30-day trial period, click Authorize.
    Otherwise, you’ll see a dialog saying the software has expired and
    you’ll have to either authorize or quit.
  3. You will either see a request for a key disk (if your machine
    has a floppy drive) or a dialog warning you that you can’t authorize
    using a key disk because you don’t have a floppy drive. In either
    case, click Cancel. (We no longer support key disk authorization.)
  4. Next, you’ll see a Challenge code in a dialog box.
  5. We no longer have a Web Page dedicated to this version. Click Copy Challenge to
    copy the Challenge code to the clipboard, so you can paste it into
    an e-mail message along with your MSP Challenge.
  6. If you don’t own MSP 1.7.2 (or earlier), skip the next paragraph.
  7. To obtain an MSP Challenge, you’ll need to be in your Max 30-day
    demo period or have already authorized Max. Click Continue at
    the Max demo warning dialog to launch Max if you’re within your
    demo period. You’ll see the Max splash screen and then eventually,
    a dialog asking whether you’d like to authorize MSP. Click Cancel
    when either asked for a key disk or OK when warned about not having a
    floppy drive. You’ll then see the MSP Challenge code.
  8. Send e-mail to Include the Challenges, your serial numbers, and full name.
  9. We will e-mail you Response codes. After you receive your Response codes, you’ll need to launch Max again, choose to Authorize, and enter the Response code into the space provided below the Challenge code. When you enter the Response properly, the
    OK button will become enabled. If you haven’t entered the response properly, the OK button will stay grayed out. The most reliable way to enter the Response is to copy it from your e-mail message and paste it into the dialog box.
  10. After clicking OK, your software will be authorized.

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