FAQ: iLok

    Is there a video outlining iLok in Max 6?
    What is an iLok?

    The iLok USB Hardware Key is a device that holds authorization keys and connects via the USB port to your computer. Since it is portable, you can move it from one computer to another without the need to authorize each individual computer you use. The iLok is supported by a number of audio software companies including Digidesign and Waves. So, if you use other software besides Max/MSP you may be able to use an iLok to hold authorizations for a lot of your software. The iLok is cross-platform, and in fact, your iLok need only be set up once to authorize both the Mac and PC versions of Max/MSP.

    Where can I get an iLok?

    You can purchase an iLok from a limited number of retailers. Two we know of are Digidesign's on-line store and audiomidi. Cycling '74 does not sell iLoks.

    Do I need a special version of Max to use an iLok?

    Yes, you need any version between 4.3.2 and 8. You may only use iLok authorization if you own a full license. It is not available on subscriptions.

    Do I need a special version of Jitter to use an iLok?

    No. Any version of Jitter that runs with Max/MSP 4.3.2 can be authorized with the iLok.

    May I use iLok to authorize my subscription Max license?


    Will there be iLok support for Cyclops?


    Is an iLok Cross Platform?


    How many iLok authorizations do I get with an iLok?

    It is our policy to provide one iLok authorization per registered owner.

    Will one authorization on the iLok work for both platforms?


    Can I also receive Challenge/Response authorizations if I have authorized via an iLok?

    No. Since the iLok is portable, it can be moved from computer to computer.

    What happens if an iLok stops working?

    Please confirm that the iLok Key is plugged into a working USB port and that the light on the iLok is on. For more information, see the support page in your iLok.com account home. If you need to replace a broken or defective iLok, you'll need to follow the RMA procedures outlined on ilok.com.

    How do I submit my iLok authorization request for Max versions 4.3.2 through 8?

    Visit our Authorization page and choose the product you want to authorize.

    What if my iLok is lost or stolen?

    If your iLok is lost or stolen you will need to buy a new software license! Please insure your iLok for the value of the software it authorizes.