FAQ: Max for Live

    Who is selling Max for Live and how do I get it?

    Max for Live is sold by Ableton as an add-on product to Live 8.1 (or later) or as part of Live 9 Suite. You can purchase Max for Live exclusively at Ableton's online shop. Cycling '74 sells a Crossgrade to Max, if you own Max for Live or Live 9 Suite and then also want Max.

    How do I find my Live or Max for Live serial number?

    When you visit your Ableton account on ableton.com, click the "View License Details" link under the list of products you own. The serial numbers will then be displayed.

    If I own Max for Live or Live 9 Suite, do I also own Max?

    No. Max is a different product from the Max for Live editor (included in Live 9 Suite or purchased separately as "Max for Live"), but the Max installation is still necessary to run the Max for Live editor.

    Is Max 6 or 7 compatible with Max for Live?

    Ableton Live 8: If you own Max 6.0, you may use it as your Max for Live device editor. If you only own Max for Live, or Max for Live and Max 5, you will use Max 5 as your device editor.

    Ableton Live 9: Max 6.1 is required to run and edit Live 9 Max for Live devices.

    Live 9: Max 7 is compatible with Live 9 , and you can use Max 7 as the Max for Live editor if you are a Max 7 license holder. (Learn about crossgrading to a Max 7 license.) Full support for Max 7 as the Max for Live editor will be included in a future Live release.

    Can I get a boxed version of Max for Live?

    No, it is only available as a download.

    How much does Max for Live cost?

    Find current purchasing options and prices on Ableton's website. There are Full Versions and Crossgrades, depending on what you own currently. If you own Max 5 (or later), you are eligible for a reduced price CROSSGRADE of Max for Live from Ableton.

    • Need to upgrade to Max 7 to get the Max for Live Crossgrade? If you own Max 4 or 5, you can use this opportunity to take advantage of Ableton's special crossgrade price on Max for Live. Look through your upgrading options. (Your upgrade price may vary depending on which products you already own.)
    • If you purchased a subscription or a temporary 12-month Max 7, you are not eligible for the Crossgrade of Max for Live from Ableton. You need to purchase a full license of Max 7 first. Remember: You can apply $39 of your temporary 12-month purchase to a new, full purchase of Max 7. E-mail academic@cycling74.com for details.
    • If you represent a school e-mail Ableton's Edu Sales Team for details. If the school owns Max 5 (or later) and you don't know the serial numbers, contact our edu sales department first to get details.
    What kind of resources are there?
    What is the difference between Max and Max for Live?

    Max for Live requires Live 8.1 (or later) and Max 5.1 (or later).

    Max for Live adds the ability for the Max application to be used as an editor for building Live devices. Existing Max users can continue to work with Max as they always have. To work on Live devices, you start by editing an existing device from inside Live.

    For users who only own Max for Live, the Max application will have the following limitations:

    • no built in support for audio and MIDI (Live is used for audio and MIDI I/O)
    • restrictions on seeing Jitter images in the Max application (Jitter is fully functional inside Live)
    • no ability to build standalone applications
    Where do I go for support?

    Ableton is the best source for information about using Max devices in Live. Cycling '74 support can answer questions about the Max authoring environment. There are many resources for learning Max, such as our interactive tutorials, classes and workshops, and our online community.

    Will I be able to sell Max devices I create?

    Max for Live does not prevent users from opening Max devices. You are free to distribute devices to the Max for Live userbase. However, a person who does not own Max for Live will not be able to open your device.