FAQ: Purchase, Sales and Return Policies

    Returns and Tranfers

    May I transfer ownership of Max to another person or sell my copy of Max?

    Yes, in some situations. Visit the Sale and Transfer Policies page to get complete details.

    What is the return policy for Max?

    Returns accepted within 30 days if you purchased a full-priced license of Max. Student, teacher, crossgrade, school, or NFR copies of Max not eligible for return or refund.

    What are the return policies for the Cycles and M products, and for C74 Recordings?

    Returns are not accepted for the Cycles and M products, and for C74 Recordings.

    What is the return policy for Discontinued Products?

    Returns of Cyclops, Pluggo, Mode, Hipno, Radial, UpMix and Octirama licenses are not permitted.

    General Questions

    How do I purchase Max?

    Max 7 may be purchased inside the Max 7 application ('Help > User Account and Licenses') and on this website.

    How do I sign in to see what type of Max I own?

    If you haven't upgraded to Max 7, then you cannot sign in to see your Max 6 (or older) products. Instead, look for your serial number that was emailed to you when you purchased Max 5 or 6 directly from Cycling '74. If you cannot find it, e-mail your full name to serialnumber@cycling74.com.

    If you have purchased Max 7, then you can log in to your account inside the Max 7 application. Then, go to 'Help > User Account and Licenses'.

    How long will it take to process my order?

    With the account-based authorization system in Max 7, your copy of Max will be authorized as soon as your payment has been processed. This requires that your computer is connected to the internet.

    How do I purchase older versions of Max?

    First, you must purchase a full license or annual subscription of Max 7 -- not a monthly subscription. Download the older version you want and then follow the instructions for authorizing that older version. You may still authorize Max 7.

    May I get Max in a box?

    No. Max, its upgrades, add-ons and crossgrades are downloadable only.

    I would like to sell my standalone application. May I do that?


    Student and Teacher Questions

    How do I qualify for the student or teacher price?

    You must be currently enrolled in a school and have valid identification (ID). As a teacher, you must have an identification (ID) or letter of employment from your department or school.

    Do I have to be a student or teacher in the U.S.?

    No. We accept international student and teacher IDs, too.

    Where do I send a copy of my identification?

    When you place your order inside the Max 7 application, you will be asked to take a photo of your identification (ID). If you are using a laptop, make sure it is open and can detect the camera.

    As a student, can I get discounts on all Cycling '74 products?

    No, just Max and associated upgrades.

    Sales on Ebay

    May I sell Cycling '74 products on Ebay?

    Only authorized dealers may sell on Ebay. If you would like to become an authorized dealer, contact our Dealer Sales Department.

    What if I want to buy Cycling '74 products on Ebay?

    If you are a customer and are considering buying Cycling '74 products from Ebay, contact us first to make sure the seller is authorized..