FAQ: Sale and Transfer Policies


    Selling your copy of Max including all related upgrades.

    You may sell your copy of Max unless you purchased a teacher, student, educational institution copy or received the software as an NFR (Not For Resale). The sale will include all upgrades associated with the copy of Max you are selling. (It is highly recommended you also read the restriction details below.)

    You must provide us with the full name and email address of the new owner. We will contact that owner and register your copy of Max in his or her name. At this time your authorization will be deactivated.

    Please email the following to sales@cycling74.com:

    • buyer's full name and email address
    • our full name and email address
    • any other helpful or important information

    Once the transfer is complete, we will instruct the new owner to download the software from cycling74.com.


    Selling an earlier version of Max after it has been upgraded to a newer version.

    You may not sell any earlier version of software that has been upgraded. An upgrade is not a separate license. (For example, if you own Max 6 and then upgraded it to Max 7, it is the same license.) If you sell any part of your license, you sell all of your rights to the software.

    If we receive a request from a new buyer for an older version of Max that has already been upgraded, we will delay the registration until both parties have been contacted regarding the sale of the license. To complete the transfer, all versions of the software including the latest upgrade will be transferred to the new owner.

    Selling or transferring educational copies of Max.

    Educational institution licenses may not to be sold or transferred to any individual or other school. If you would like to transfer any licenses from one department to another within the same educational institution, please email eduorder@cycling74.com.

    Selling or transferring Student or Teacher copies of Max.

    You may not sell or transfer any Student or Teacher copy of Max or any other Cycling ’74 software.

    Selling or transferring NFR copies of Max.

    You may not sell or transfer any NFR (not for resale) copy of Max or any other Cycling ’74 software. NFRs may not be upgraded.