FAQ: Vizzie

    How do I get Vizzie?

    Vizzie is included in the Max 5.1.6 (or later) download. When you install Max, it is also installed.

    How much does Vizzie cost?

    Vizzie is free if you own Max version 5 or later. You must have version 5.1.6 (or later) installed.

    Can I use Vizzie if I own Max/MSP and not Jitter?

    You can see the Vizzie modules but, just like Jitter objects, they won't function. If you own Max 5 (but not Jitter), you can upgrade to Max 7 (which includes Jitter, Vizzie and Gen), visit our shop.

    After I install Max 5.1.6 (or Max 6), how do I access the Vizzie modules?

    There are two easy ways to access the Vizzie modules. You can open a new File Browser 'File > New File Browser' and select one of the VIZZIE saved searches in the left hand column of the File Browser window. Alternately, from the unlocked Patcher window, Right-Click (Win) or Control-Click (Mac). In the contextual pop-up menu, navigate to: Paste From > VIZZIE Clippings >. Here you can further navigate to one of the VIZZIE module types and select the module you would like to use.

    After I install Max 7, how do I access the Vizzie modules?

    Open a new patcher window 'File > New Patcher ', look for the "v" in the menu bar on the right.

    Do I need to authorize Vizzie?

    No. You just need to install Max 5.1.6 (or later) and own Jitter.

    If I am using the 30-day demo and haven't purchased Max yet, will Vizzie work?

    Yes, all Max, MSP, Jitter, Gen, BEAP and Vizzie objects and modules will work. After the 30 days has expired, you will need to purchase Max 7.