FAQ: Cycles

General Information

What are the “Cycles Audio Source Libraries?”

The Cycles series is a four-volume collection of “inspirational” sonic sound files that that once purchased allows the owner to freely use in their music and multimedia work per the License Agreement.

How would I use these sound files?

The Cycles series sound files are definitely not your ‘usual’ fare for traditional sound libraries. They have been created by some of the most creative experimental sound artists out there, using cutting edge psycho-acoustic processing tools from Cycling ’74 (Max/MSP, Mode, Pluggo & Radial). Intended as ‘inspirational’ rather than ’emulative’, these sounds will add a cinematic edge to your productions and set them apart from the average.

All appropriate files are seamlessly looped end to end. This means they can easily be used directly in your favorite DAW – just import and duplicate to the desired length and you will have smooth transparent bed of sound. This ‘end-to-end’ looping also means they work flawlessly in Loop Sequencing programs such as LIVE, ACID and Cycling ’74’s Radial as well as Apple’s GarageBand and SoundTrack programs.

Each Library may also include special formats appropriate to there genre. – The immersive textural files of Sustained Encounters include 5.1 surround files – Unnatural Rhythm”s beat files include REX2 files for use in programs that can utilize this format from Propellerhead Software.

Also included in some of the libraries are ‘extended’ files that have been processed to evolve and change over several minutes (64+ bars) for easy import into a production – on a deadline!

What sets these libraries apart from the thousands already available?

The Content. No libraries come close to the uniqueness of sonic content contained within these discs. The producer, Ron MacLeod, has used and created libraries for decades. From those experiences he developed a well thought-out approach to the formatting of these volumes.

Files and Formats

What formats do the audio files comprise of?

Each Cycles release contains two discs:

  • A DVD-ROM containing 24-bit .wav files and a standard Audio CD (as an easy auditioning alternative)
  • The samples are supplied as 48kHz for use in film, DV, and multimedia productions and 44.1kHz version for compatibility with music production tools.

Sales and Licensing

Are there limitations of use once purchased?

The files on the Cycles releases can be used freely by the purchaser – other than inclusion in other sound libraries – without any additional royalties or usage fees.

Because of the nature of some of the longer files, they cannot be used as a stand-alone piece represented as the purchaser’s original composition. It is expected that additional material will be added to the file to make it unique or that it will be significantly altered through unique processing. In the case of media work (film, video, DV), sound FX, dialog and/or ambience is considered sufficient additional material.

What can I find in the current set of libraries?

Cycles: 01 – Sustained Encounters: is comprised of long evolving aural environments and unfolding atmospheres. Culled from MacLeod’s private reserve, an accumulation of years of film sound design and sonic exploration, these textures were individually ‘composed’ utilizing bleeding edge psychoacoustic processing, designed specifically to be intricately interesting and immersive without being obtrusive to additional content.

Cycles: 02 – Unnatural Rhythm: features extended form (4 to 32+ bar) non-drum alternative groove loops of mechanical, electronic, found sound and algorithmic origins. The loops titles include sample accurate BPM notation with longer loops Bar Count noted as well. This volume also includes 24-bit REX formatted versions of all applicable files for use in Reason or any 24-bit REX compatible audio sequencer. Also included is a huge collection of hard-syncopated electronic source culled from a collection of 70s-era Buchla and Serge Modular systems.

Cycles: 03 – Incidental Gesture: gives you active sonic textures and melodic meanderings that provide movement, emotion and narrative expression to your compositions or media projects. Composed to integrate easily into existing pieces yet intricate enough to stand on their own as incidental beds. These long (30 sec. to 3 minute) files were designed around direct use in digital workstations yet are all seamlessly looped end to end for extended play as well.

Cycles: 04 – Momentary Incursions: are hits, events, effects and transitions… for use when a more finite punctuation is in order. Aggressively percussive to hypnotic and transient, this collection of 900+ non-looped samples range from a fraction of a second to over a minute in length.

Are there demos I can download?

Yes, on the Cycles product page you can check out MP3 demos of each library. All demos are collaged strings of direct (unprocessed) audio files from each of the libraries. This will give you a direct representation of the contents of each volume.

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