FAQ: Gen

If buy Max 6 without Gen, can I still use Gen patchers?

Yes, the Gen objects will work in a runtime mode– you can instantiate the objects and use ready-made Gen patchers, but a Gen license is required to edit/author Gen patches.

Will Gen work in Max for Live?

Gen works within Max for Live with a full Max 6 license. However, to edit Gen patchers in Max 6 or Max for Live, you will need to own a Gen license, which is an affordable add on to Max 6. See Shop for details.

I’ve authorized Max 6 and would like to demo Gen. How does that work?

Gen works in demo mode while Max is in demo mode. Once Max is authorized (without the Gen add-on), Gen permanently goes out of demo mode. Unauthorized Gen can still use Gen objects and pre-made Gen patchers. The Gen examples folder contains a wealth of functioning examples that one can use to sample the capabilities of the Gen objects.

I’ve ordered the Gen add-on. What’s my Gen serial number?

Your Max 6 serial number will stay the same if you decide to add Gen. Likewise, if you originally purchase Max 6 and Gen together, you will have a single serial number that is able to authorize both products.

How do I authorize Gen?

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