FAQ: Hipno

General Questions

Is QuickTime required for Hipno to work on Windows?

Yes. Please download QuickTime from Apple @ http://apple.com/quicktime/download/win.html

The Hipnoscope appears as a black box, how can I fix this?

With some configurations, you must disable Direct X drawing acceleration by choosing to use ‘Safe Mode (GDI only)’ in the Quicktime Control Panel (under Advanced->Video).

I’m having difficulty using a Hipnoscope when no audio is being processed by the plugin. Is something wrong?

Not really. What happens is that in some hosts (such as Logic, Peak, and Tracktion) do not process events when no audio is being processed. Because of this, it also means that the Hipnoscope is not active when there is no audio being processed.

Other hosts (Such as Ableton’s Live) process audio continually, and thus do not present this problem.

Is it normal for the first plugin to take a long time to load? After that, plugins load much quicker.

Yes, this is normal. A lot of initialization happens when the first plugin is loaded. Subsequent plugins should load much quicker.

How can I provide you with meaningful information about a problem with a plugin?

If a plugin is not behaving as you expect it to, more information about the state of Hipno can be found by following these steps:

  1. After loading and producing the behavior with which you are having difficulty, load the Crackverb plugin.
  2. In the Crackverb plugin, chose the “messages” view from the menu at the top of the plugin box.
  3. This view provides a log of messages which may be pertinent to your case. You can scroll through the view by clicking either in the upper-left quadrant of the messages window, or the lower-right quadrant of the messages window.

Plugin Questions

How do I get good results from the Spectral Processing Plugins?

It can’t be stressed enough that the presets that use spectral processing are _really_ dependent on their input for what they do. Audio plug-ins that perform spectral or granular processing will produce wildly different results depending on their input source since they’re working directly with only the spectral components of an input signal as source material. A plug-in that will do really interesting things with a viola may not be nearly as useful when used to treat a wash of static from your old shortwave radio.

In the days before the Hipnoscope, people who made presets had to make guesses about what people would probably be doing with a plug-in (something that’s a lot harder in Hipnoland). Hipno lets you not only explore the whole range of interpolated possibilities between the plug-in presets themselves, but also to take a set of values you discover and make it a snapshot (by shift-clicking on the S row for a snapshot button). When combined with the ability to save your own explorations and to load different Hipnoscopes, you can probably guess that we’re not going to wait up until you get home.

When I click and drag in the Hipnoscope, nothing happens! What do I do?

Some hosts do not process events when the audio is not being processed. A couple of examples include Peak and Logic. They do this to try and save you valuable CPU resources, essentially disabling the plugin (and the Hipnoscope).

The solution is make sure that audio is being processed by your plugin when you are trying to use the Hipnoscope.

I know I can load different Hipnoscopes, but why would I want to do that?

One way to think of a single preset in any Hipnoscoped plug-in is as a “set” of eight different snapshots: one for each of the colored buttons. You can load and use different Hipnoscopes to change the way that these “sets” of values are interpolated as you move the puck.

If you discover an effect you really like in the course of exploring the Hipnoscope, you can save it as one of the colored snapshots by clicking on the button in the “s” column. You can save a whole new group of eight snashots *and* any Hipnoscope you want by clicking on the plugins’s Export button and naming your preset, too.

Is there a “Lazy Man’s” guide to creating new presets with the Hipnoscope?

Something one could do would be:

  • Create a set of 8 “presets” for a scope and save it
  • Using the store and load buttons, shuffle the positions of each color (this loses one preset, but it’s a small price to pay)
  • Load a new scope
  • Go through and “tweak” the presets by paying special attention to places on the scope where they sound interesting. In fact, find a place on the currently loaded scope and use IT for the 8th preset.

Host Related Questions

Hipno is not working properly in ACID – the interface seems to be messed up. What can I do?

QuickTime must be configured to use DirectDraw for Hipno to work properly in ACID. The following steps should enable you to make these settings:

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Launch the QuickTime control panel applet
  3. Choose the Video Settings page
  4. Make sure that all DirectDraw related items are enables (checked)

When I load a plugin in Sony ACID 5.0a (build 245) the entire interface starts flashing and going into “redraw craziness.” What do I do?

You need to update your version of ACID. Both versions 5.0b and 5.0c will function correctly with Hipno.

I’m having a problem using an instrument plugin’s interface when in record mode. How do I make it work?

When you are in record mode in ACID, and MIDI-Thru’ing to a synth plugin, you cannot use the instrument’s UI. To get around this, record the MIDI first, and then you should be fine to use the interface.

Does Automation work in ACID?

It may, but FX automation in ACID is currently unsupported.

Are there any other incompatibilities with ACID?

Bus Plugins from Hipno do not work in ACID. Those plugins that use the Pluggo Bus are listed here:

  • Bus.Send
  • Bus.Receive
  • Bus.Envelope
  • Bus.Xover
  • ChannelStrip
  • Substrate

Using Logic 7, the plugin validation fails after installing Hipno. What do I do?

You can either ignore the problem (the plugins will work anyway) or update to Logic version 7.1.1 which resolves the problem.

Hipno Authorization and Licensing

How does the copy protection on the Hipno plug-ins work?

We use Pace Copy protection on both platforms. You may choose to authorize using the hard disk Challenge/Response system, or with an iLok USB key. The demo works with a small buzz in the audio every minute or so. For more authorization details, go to the support page.

If I use several sequencing programs on the same hard disk, will I need to Authorize Hipno to run with each one?


I am going to be traveling a bit over the holidays and I want to move my Hipno authorization from my desktop computer to my laptop. How do I go about doing this?

First download the latest installer from the Hipno download page. After installing, you can request a Challenge/Response authorization. In some situations, we can supply you with a temporary Response authorization. For complete authorization instructions, go to the support page.

Your Hipno license allows you to install the software on more than one machine as long as you (or someone else) is not using the software at the same time. Multiple-license customers are covered for the same number of Hipno installations.

Cameras and Live Video Input for Hipno

Do you have simple step-by-step instructions for setting up my video camera to use it with Hipno?

In general, the setup for every camera is different – particularly on the Windows operating system. While we cannot provide detailed instructions for every camera, below are the steps used to get a little USB webcam from Creative working on a Windows XP computer, written from the first-person perspective. Other cameras may use a similar proceedure.

  1. I Plug USB Cable from camera into the back of the computer
  2. New Hardware Wizard pops up. I tell it “yes” to look for the software needed by the camera.
  3. It then asks me if I want to install the software automatically or from a specific location. I choose automatically.
  4. After searching for a while, it tells me that it cannot install this hardware. I click “back” and then choose install from a specific location.
  5. Now, I go rummaging through my apartment to find the install CD that came with the camera. I can’t find it. So I go to Creative’s web site, find the support link, and to try and find the drivers. I download them.
  6. I Cancel out of the hardware dialog thing. Then find the drivers I downloaded, and run that installer.
  7. I start up my favorite host, load a video plugin, and both the device list and input list a blank?

    What did I do wrong?

    The WinVDIG stil needs to be installed. This allows the web cam to communicate with QuickTime.

  8. I go to http://www.vdig.com/WinVDIG/ and download the WinVDIG software.
  9. I run the installer for WinVDIG.
  10. WinVDIG comes with an application called QTCap. This program lets you see if your camera is working. If it is, you should be able to run the program and see the video from your camera on your screen. If you can’t see it, then something is wrong (and this outside the scope of any Hipno documentation).
  11. So I now start up my favorite host application again, and again load a video plugin.
  12. I select a preset other than the default (the default preset in all of the video plugins has the camera turned off). Ta-da! It works!

Where can I find more information on what video cameras work well with Hipno?

Hipno’s video capabilities are built using Cycling’74’s Jitter. More information on this subject can be found in the JitterCameras topic in our FAQ for Jitter.

What tips do you have for getting the color tracking to work well?

  • The most important factor is good lighting. This will make all of the colors in the video stream clearer and more accurate.
  • Adjusting the saturation, contrast, and brightness settings in the video input pane can make a big difference too. For example, turning the saturation way up but the contrast down can sometimes make bright objects stand out from the background.
  • There will almost always be some jitter in the tracking. This can be smoothed out with the “smoothing” parameter. The smoothing will make the tracking feel more accurate.

I’m looking for some color swatches or something so I know what colors that presets are looking for. Do you have any?

For the best results, you will likely need to modify the colors in your presets. However, we do have some examples for you!

Modulator.VColorTrack Swatches

+ Preset 3

  • * Tracker 1:

  • * Tracker 2:

VAirTime Swatches

Preset 2

  • Tracker 1:

  • Tracker 2:

Preset 3

  • * Tracker 1:

  • Tracker 2:

VTheremin Swatches

Preset 2

  • * Tracker 1:

  • Tracker 2:

Preset 3

  • Tracker 1:

  • Tracker 2:

Preset 4

  • Tracker 1:

  • Tracker 2:

Preset 5

  • Tracker 1:

  • Tracker 2:

What Codec is being used by the video input?

Codec is actually irrelevant in this case. What happens is the native codec of the camera is decompressed to raw ARGB which is then used by Hipno.

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