FAQ: Max 5

System Requirements, Authorization, and Purchases

How do I authorize?

Visit the authorization page for detailed instructions.

Where do I find my Max 5 or 6 serial numbers?

Your serial number was emailed to you if you purchased Max 5 or 6 directly from Cycling ’74. If you cannot find it, e-mail your full name to serialnumber@cycling74.com.

What are the system requirements?

Visit this page for details.

Important note for Windows users regarding Pace copyprotection and your CPU type: Interlok, which is the copyprotection system created by Pace we employ on all of our products, does not work on all CPU types. Pace copy protection for Windows only works on Intel and AMD processors. This mean that if you have another CPU type, for example a Transmeta CPU – you will not be able to run the full versions of any of our products. You will however, be able to use the runtime versions of Max/MSP, Jitter and Pluggo.

Will Max5 run on virtual OS like Parallels?

Not in general and they are not officially supported, but the runtime should work.

Standalones and sharing your code with others

Now that I have made something with Max/MSP, I want to send it to others. How can I do that?

If it’s a Max/MSP Patch:

  • You can send your patch to any person who owns Max/MSP and has it installed. That person can just open it directly.
  • There’s also a 30-day demo available for downloading, if the person has not installed Max/MSP before.
  • If they do not have Max/MSP installed then you can direct them to download the runtime version of Max/MSP from our website. It is free and not copy-protected. Then they may open and use your patch.

If it’s a Max/MSP Collective:

You may also build a collective out of your patch. This bundles up your patch into one file to make it easier to send. It’s especially useful if your patch contains a number of different files. Collectives are cross-platform compatible (Max/MSP 4.3 or greater).

Like a Patch, a Collective also requires a Max/MSP installation, demo, or runtime version. Refer to the documentation for more details on how to create collectives.

If it’s a Max/MSP Standalone:

You may turn your patch into a platform-specific standalone application. A standalone does not require any additional Max/MSP installation or runtime. You can give this away free.

I would like to sell my standalone application. May I do that?


I want to make VST plugins with Max 5. Why can’t I?

Max 5 does not support the creation of Pluggo based VST plugins.

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