FAQ: Mira

System Requirements

What do I need to use Mira?

Visit the system requirements page for details.

Bonjour for Windows

What is Bonjour for Windows?

Bonjour is a network discovery service that helps Mira find Max so you don’t have to configure IP addresses.

How do I get Bonjour for Windows?

Bonjour for Windows is automatically installed with iTunes which you might already have. Don’t worry though, if you don’t want to install iTunes just use this link to download and install the Bonjour library (print services).

Purchases and Registration

How much does it cost and how do I purchase Mira?

Mira’s cost at its initial release is $49.99. It is only available through the Apple app store.

How do I let Cycling ’74 know I purchased Mira from the Apple app store?

Please take a minute to fill out our Mira Registration Form.

Max for Live Compatibility

Does Mira work with Max for Live?

Max for Live devices should work with Mira. However, when editing the patch you will get duplicate pages in the Mira app, so it can be a little confusing. We focused on Max 6 for the initial Mira release and are hoping to improve the Max for Live experience in future updates. We’re interested to see how developers will use Mira with Max for Live as well.

Networking and Multiple iPads

How can I configure my wireless network to work with Mira?

Most WiFi networks will simply work. If not, you can also set up an ad-hoc network.

Can I use more than one iPad at a time?


Problems with Mira

Where can I get help with problems with Mira?

Email support@cycling74.com with details of your problem. Also, search our forums for advice.

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