FAQ: Upgrading to Max 6

How much does the Max 6 upgrade cost?

The retail price is $199. There is also a one-time option to purchase a discounted upgrade plus the new add-on product Gen for $249. Student/Teacher discounts and School discounts are available.

Is there a grace period?

Customers who purchased the current version of Max 5 on or after July 12, 2011 are eligible for a free upgrade to Max 6. If you are eligible, you will receive an e-mail from us on October 27, 2011 with details. If not, e-mail your full name and old serial numbers to the sales department.

Can I use my Max 5 serial number to authorize Max 6?

No. Max 6 requires its own serial number.

Where do I find my Max 5 or 6 serial numbers?

Your serial number was emailed to you if you purchased Max 5 or 6 directly from Cycling ’74. If you cannot find it, log into your NetSuite account, choose the “My Account” tab, and click on the “Max 5 & 6 Serial Numbers” link to see the list.

Do you offer packaged software?

No, the demand for packaged software has become so small that we’ve decided to make the planet friendly choice not to offer it. You’re welcome to download the software as often as you’d like from our site.

Does Max 6 include MSP and Jitter?

Yes. As of Max 6, the MSP and Jitter object libraries are automatically included, and the entire package is now simply called “Max”.

Will installing Max 6 cause problems with Max 5 or Max 4.6 on the same computer?

No. All are independent applications and can be installed on one machine without trouble.

Will my old patches work in Max 6?


Will my third party externals need to be updated?

Objects that are compatible with Max 5 are compatible with Max 6.

Does Max for Live work with Max 6?

Yes, however, Max 6 is an upgrade of the full version of Max. There is no upgrade available for owners of Max for Live only. If you own Max 6, you can use it within Live. If you are a Max for Live user, we invite you to try the Max 6 demo for 30 days. There is a Max 6 Crossgrade for owners of Max for Live available.

If you want to use Max 6 with Live, or try a device created in Max 6 that uses new Max 6 features or contains Gen objects, you’ll need to install Max 6 and switch your Max application folder in Live’s preferences. To do so, in Live, go to the Live Menu > Preferences > File Folder tab on Mac or the Options Menu > Preferences > File Folder tab on Windows. Under ‘Max Application’, click the Browse button and navigate to the Max 6 folder on your computer.

Will Gen also work within Max for Live?

Yes. To edit Gen patchers in Max 6 or Max for Live, you will need to own a Gen license, which is an affordable add on to Max 6. However, you can use existing Gen patchers in either Max 6 or Live.

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