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  • Introduction to the Collections Browser

    Among the icon­-buttons available from the toolbars surrounding your Max patch, there are several that won’t necessarily ring a bell ­ even for experienced Max programmers.

  • Book Review: The Computer Music Tutorial

    Doing book reviews for a newsletter has turned out to be a more subtle practice than I initially expected.

  • Thanks to the tireless and polite work of Eric Raymond, software users everywhere know what to do before they ask questions about the software they’re using, and they also know how to ask questions in ways that will give the best answers (and yeah – it’s the same Eric Raymond who’s earned our respect with books like this, thanks for asking). Max 7 will help you to ask better questions more quickly by making it a lot easier to search all of your objects, tutorials, snippets, examples, and guides (Guides? What are those? More on this in a minute) from the patcher window.

  • gen~ Video Tutorial Series

    Here are a set of three videos for the curious absolute beginner which introduce the gen~ environment and explain a bit of the differences between working in the Max vs. gen~ environment.

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