3 Posts tagged with "electroacoustic"

  • Mutations

    Author: Jon Weinel and Robert Ratcliffe

    'Mutations' is a composition by composer Robert Ratcliffe which manipulates scored piano material to create mutations, which are then performed with a Disklavier.

  • Atomizer Live Patch

    This is a live performance patch collecting several instruments for creating short fractured sounds juxtaposed with drones and predefined material.

  • Audible reasons to be happy

    I spend part of my life doing a radio program of electronic, experimental, electroacoustic, and various other types of music on Madison's own community radio station WORT-FM, and have done so for an embarrassing number of years. I guess that's probably why my colleague D. told me that I should feel free to rave about recent recordings in the course of my blogging life...

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