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  • Content You Need: A Visit to CNMAT

    Sometimes the "content you need" is a tackle box full of lures for specific situations – computer vision and great toolboxes for physical modeling Max externals, for example. This time, I want to remind you about something you might already have: the CNMAT tools. Most of the time, Max users who’ve visited the CNMAT website at UC-Berkeley are looking for the Max OSC (Open Sound Control) objects because they want to move data between sensors and actuators or talk to their or Apple or Android mobile devices. Or sometimes people have wandered over looking for a copy of Tristan Jehan’s analyzer~ object [think of it as the fiddle~ object with racing stripes, spinners, and an LED-illuminated undercarriage]. What? You don't have 'em yet? No worries - click here and click on the CNMAT Max/MSP Externals for Mac link.

  • An Interview with Eric Lyon

    Eric discusses the power of coding audio and more.

  • Eric Lyon, developer of numerous cool MSP objects including the FFTease series, has written an amazingly comprehensive new book on writing audio externals in C for Max and Pd.

  • Mixed Reality Gaming via MAX

    As a master thesis project, we have developed a MAX-Unity Fishtank Virtual Reality environment and developed games for it, using only headtracking as input.

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