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  • My Book of Dreams

  • Email to Customers (April 24, 2008)

    Hello from Cycling '74 headquarters. We have some big news. Max 5 is now available for download. We're very excited about this major upgrade and we hope you will be too. This upgrade represents a new era of Max programming, with a completely redesigned multi-processing kernel and a streamlined development environment built on a platform-independent foundation. Finally, we are offering a new Max/MSP/Jitter Workshop for Beginners in London. For complete details, please visit our Workshop page...

  • Announcing Max/MSP Version 5

    Cycling '74 today announced Version 5.0 of its Max/MSP media development tools. This version represents a new era of Max programming, with a completely redesigned multi-processing kernel and a streamlined development environment built on a platform-independent foundation. With a new patcher interface, searchable database of objects and examples, integrated documentation and new tutorials, the new Max user will find a smoother learning curve while experienced users will see improved productivity.

  • Max 5: What It Is (and Isn’t)

    Some of you may have heard that major changes are imminent in the Max world, and there is a lot of speculation about what those changes might be. On the eve of our first public exposition of the new version of Max at the AES convention in New York, I thought it would be appropriate to offer some details on the product.

  • Jamoma Workshop

    Last week I arrived home from a 'vacation' in France. In my case though, the term 'vacation' means that I was programming and debugging objects for Max/MSP/Jitter. The occasion for this trip to France were two workshops focusing on Jamoma that were organized by Pascal Baltazar, GMEA, and Incidents Mémorables. The workshops [described in this article] were held in Albi and Paris, respectively.

  • Multi-language Max/MSP

    This is perhaps an unusual article for Cycling '74 to put on their web site, because it has to do with all the languages that Max/MSP isn't. I have to confess that I'm not really a very good Max-user. I know only a handful of objects, and I am of the text-based generation that is still a little, um, "graphical-user-interface-challenged". I basically use Max/MSP only as a window onto computer music languages that I am adept at using. More and more, though, I am also using Max as base platform for connecting these languages to each other. One of the really great decisions that the Cycling '74 design team made was to make the development and integration of external objects relatively easy. This has been a real boost for the classes that I teach at Columbia University, and it has also allowed me much more creative freedom in my compositional work.

  • Managing Complex Patches in Max

    One of the beauties of Max is its simplicity: the ability to quickly create a patch that does something artistically interesting. Part of this has to do with its visual programming style - patchcords allow us to see the relationship between graphic objects. However, unless you limit yourself to creating only straightforward patches, your patch can become a spaghetti-like series of connections that confound attempts at debugging. Please note: This article was written for Max 4.6 originally

  • Matthew Lewis: Education through synesthetic study and play.

  • Configuring Eclipse for MXJ

    In this tutorial, Nick Rothwell will lead us through the process of setting up the powerful Eclipse IDE for creating MXJ objects for Max.

  • MXJ Class Loading

    This is a quick rundown of how the MXJ class loader works, and the implications for class variables (statics).

  • Joysticks and javascript (fruit on the bottom)

    I just wanted something like the joystick. Since, as Martin Luther points out, "It is easier to tear down than to build," I decided to make a stripped-down Javascript object that would do what I wanted. I thought I'd share it with you.

  • Ignorance and the sublime, mingled in a single posting

    you can send any Max mxj object the viewsource message (Even if you don't have the source, the viewsource message will decompile it for you if you have the Java class file!) to check on

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