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  • Creating a Vizzie Effects Module

    Here's how you use the Vizzie Kit.

  • Introducing Vizzie

    $(document).ready(function() { _kmq.push(function(){ var possible_titles = { "Introducing Vizzie":"Introducing Vizzie: high-level modules for streamlining visual creativity", "fun new way":"Vizzie: A fun new way to drag, drop, connect, and project", "(higher) level":"Vizzie: Taking Jitter to a new (higher) level", "jet pack":"Vizzie: Jitter with a Jet Pack" } var which_title = KM.ab("Vizzie Blog Post Title", ["Introducing Vizzie","fun new way","(higher) level","jet pack"]); var new_title = possible_titles[which_title]; $('#post-content-6937 .full-title a').html(new_title); }); });

    With the latest version of Max/MSP and Jitter, we are including a new set of modules called VIZZIE to help you create your own unique video programs right away.

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