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  • RadioGamelan

    RadioGamelan is the first in a series of pieces which seek to embellish the 1960’s notion of “action scores” (embodied in the music of Christian Wolff and John Cage, in pieces which specify the “how” of performance, rather than the “what”) with computer programs that enable specific types of performance.

  • Networking: Max talking to Max

    Networking is a sometimes confusing world. There are many networking options built into Max, and this article will endeavour to make clear which option is best for your application.

  • Cycling ’74 Debuts Website Update

    Cycling '74, a San Francisco-based music software company, today announced the launch of a revamped web presence, available at http://www.cycling74.com. In addition to providing product information and downloadable product updates, the new website will offer feature articles, improved application support, product tutorials and a web-based interface to its user forum.

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