3 Posts tagged with "poly"

  • Polyphonic Synthesizer Tutorial

    How poly~, adsr~, and thispoly~ work together.

  • Re-purposing Plug-ins in Max 5

    As exporting plug-ins is not currently available for Max 5, we will look at another alternative in this article based on a new feature of the poly~ object, which allows you to dynamically load new abstractions without recompiling the DSP. To help users explore this new alternative, we will demonstrate different ways to convert a Pluggo-ready patch made with MaxMSP 4.6 into a patch that you can load as a poly~ abstraction.

  • The Poly Papers (part 1)

    One of the more difficult things for many beginning Max/MSP users is dealing with polyphony. So I thought I'd write up a few articles about the poly~ object, and help take some of the heat off of a new user's head.

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