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  • Before We Were/Are/Will

    This project uses the Rewire and a series of pseudo-random midi triggers and locators.

  • Rewire 3: Subversion with ReWire

    The ReWire concepts we've discussed in the previous ReWire articles were based on the typical needs of most users -- piping information between Max/MSP and a ReWire host or client application. However, ReWire can also be used to take otherwise upstanding audio applications and use them for unconventional purposes. The key to this is the hostcontrol~ object, which allows a Max patch to exert control over the transport of the ReWire host. Combining this with some common Max techniques can turn the most staid audio app into a subservient audio zombie. Read more...

  • In this second installment of the ReWire Essentials series, we are going to look at hosting ReWire client applications. Clients route their information to the host (or mixer) application through the ReWire mechanism, and using Max/MSP as a host gives us options to have some fun with both the playback and output of the connected application.

  • ReWire Essentials 1: From Max/MSP to Your Host

    While there are many methods to move MIDI and audio data between programs on a computer, ReWire (developed by Propellerheads) has become the most popular system. It allows a fairly seamless integration of client and host applications, and is also well supported by most major DAW applications. In our tutorial, we will show connections to two major software packages: Ableton Live and Digital Performer.

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