20Concepts Lesson 11 - Audio Generation

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(Needed: Example Video)

(Needed: Overview Text)

(Needed: Fixture Patches with download)

Introduction to MSP Audio

(Needed: text)

Introduction to Audio Frequencies

(Needed: text)

Explore Audio Frequencies with cycle~

(Needed: text)

Converting Numbers to Frequencies

Note: All about mtof (Needed: text)

Introduction to Audio Timbre

(Needed: text)

Explore Audio Timbre with saw~, rect~ and tri~

(Needed: text)

Switch Timbres using selector~

(Needed: text)

Modulate Generators using other Generators

(Needed: text)

Web Links

(Needed: text and links)


(Needed: text and exercises)

by Darwin Grosse and Cory Metcalf