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The Lemur was one of the first 'multi-touch enabled' interfaces commercially available. Concieved in late 2001 before multi-touch screens were even available, it was not until 2003 that they finally realised the first multi-touch capable screen. Development continued and by late 2004 the first fully functional Lemur was unveiled at IRCAM. The first version of Lemur was commercially available from Jazz Mutant in 2005 and eventually discontinued in 2010. From mid 2007 onwards Jazz Mutant was a division of Stantum Technologies.

It was re-released by Liine as an iOS app in 2011 as Lemur v3, and further developed during 2012.

Lemur Hardware.

The original hardware Lemur was an FPGA device with Ethernet connectivity.

Liine Lemur v3 onwards only runs on iOS devices.

Lemur Software.

Lemur v1

Lemur v2

Lemur v3 - Released December 2011 as an iOS app.

Lemur v4 - Released December 2012. This version added in app editing, allowing users to create and edit projects without the need for a computer.


Dexter was an alternate system that could be loaded an run on Lemur v2 hardware. It provides a standard DAW interface in place of the customisable Lemur system.