BEAP Analog Model Curriculum Outline

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  • What is the Analog Model?
    • Based on modular synthesis techniques.
    • Focuses on subtractive synthesis.
    • Built off of four primary tools:
      • Oscillators
      • Filters
      • Level Controls
      • Modulators
  • Why is this Important?
    • It is the basis for most modular synth techniques.
    • It is also the basis for a lot of synth-based music.
    • It provides a useful way to do sound design iteratively.
    • It sounds good, too!
  • What is necessary for this class?
    • A laptop with audio capability.
    • A pair of headphones.

Oscillators and Tone Generation

Level Control/Gating with a VCA

Filtering with an LPF

Modulating with Envelopes and LFO's

Improving the Sound with Effects

Creating Material with Sequencing

Recording your Output


Based on a workshop given at the Currents New Media Festival in 2013 by Darwin Grosse