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The EAMIR Software Development kit allows users to build their own custom composition and performance applications for use with just about any control interface. This kit contains modular pieces of working code that, when strung together, quickly enable users to modify existing EAMIR applications or creative brand new ones sharing similar functionality. EAMIR is an open-source music technology project involving alternate controllers, sensors, and adaptive instruments to facilitate music composition, performance, and instruction through a collection of interactive music systems. The EAMIR software apps have been implemented in classrooms, including special needs and disabilities populations, research projects, and composition/performance environments.

This gives way for the use of just about any digital control interface, Wiimotes®, keyboards, iPhones®, to be used as a composition and performance tool. Creating custom software is ideal for making applications that focus on a few musical skill sets for your users or for designing software to work with a specific control interface. This library was developed by V.J. Manzo, PhD (2009) and is available here.