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This document describes the creation of iOS filters with gen~ and Audiobus.

The referenced material is found here:‎


  • Xcode 4.6 or later
  • Max 6.1 or later


  • Download the AudioBus SDK [1]
  • Download The Amazing Audio Engine [2]
  • Download the AudioBus app in order to test [3]
  • Obtain a temporary Audiobus API key

Building an Audiobus iOS project

  1. Duplicate the provided Xcode project
  2. Copy The Amazing Audio Engine to the project folder
  3. Copy the Audiobus folder and libAudiobus.a file to the project folder
  4. Open a gen~ patch to be turned into a plugin
  5. Send gen~ the exportcode message in order to export the genpatcher as C++ code
    1. Choose the GenFilter folder inside project folder to save the exported code
  6. Open the Xcode project
  7. Change the namespace used in to match that of the exported code
  8. Copy your Audiobus API key to the appropriate location in
  9. Compile and run