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Taken from Gen Patch-A-Day.

The MGraphics patch-a-day series was very successful, so it’s time for a Gen patch-a-day! This time, though, a few things change. First of all, instead of doing these all myself, you will have a guest presenter each day. These presenters are the members of the Cycling team that develops educational content (internally called the Material Team), so you will get a variety of viewpoints, patching styles and levels of complexity. It is our desire to add some interesting and understandable Gen content to the mix.

Also, we will only be posting on weekdays – it is skiing season, and I want everyone to be able to hit the slopes…

In other words, it uses my webcam to do creepy and flaming images of myself. I use pretty elementary techniques, so it should be pretty easy for everyone to follow. But I happen to really like feedback, and the results of this are pretty fun.– [ddg]

  • Follow the Forum discussion thread to hear about people’s experiences and share your own.
  • Download all the patches and images or you can download them individually below each day.

Day 1:

I’m kicking this off with a very simple jit.pix patch that I use an awful lot: a patch that does threshold-based binary sampling, then provides offset and jittered feedback.

[[Media:] Download the Patch]